I am who I choose to be Essay

(1)       I am who I choose to be. This adage has always been a vital point in deciding what I wish to become and how I do it. Seeing this, I know that my life revolves around the people close to me. I feel that each one had an important contribution towards the creation of my identity. One important determinant of being me is my family. I consider it to be my first value and the one I treasure the most. Biologically, without them I would not have ever existed in this world. Moreover, they are the ones who shaped my first principles and ideals in life.

The experiences I had with them remains to be an important foundation towards my later decisions in life. Lastly, I believe that having a stable family relationship is necessary to have a better career. In my own opinion, having a good profession or job is meaningless without the presence of the family. It remains to be our responsibility to care and look after the wellbeing of each member. Through this, we gain our satisfaction and motivation to move on with the challenges of life.

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(2)       Living a joyful life means creating opportunities for others to feel the same way. It must revolve around facilitating a balance between work and other activities. Also, embracing and recognizing problems as an effort to improve. One must explore his/her potentials to provide the motivation and challenge continuously learn new things. Moreover, living happily means having peace within ourselves and creating the same effect in the environment that I live in. By harmonizing and creating healthy relationships to people.

Lastly, I feel the need towards creating personal satisfaction with everything that I do. In every work that I put effort into, I enjoy reaping the benefits that comes along with it – though it is monetary or just the pleasure of seeing that I had served. Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing myself contributing to the overall improvement of processes or just simple acts of courtesy.  It is with these perceptions that I exercise the way I act towards people.

(3)       Each one has their own unique way of practicing enjoyment and leisure. In my case engaging into sports and the field of arts is what I usually do during my past time. Sport activities and basketball really interest me because of the relative excitement it provides to the players especially during times wherein crucial baskets count. Also the teamwork and camaraderie created during the game creates opportunities for me to meet and compete with other people. On the other hand, my inclinations to art have provided an avenue for me to exhibit my inner creativity and personality in the things that I do. During this activity, I tend to spend my time conceptualizing and then creating a particular work depending on the mood that I have. Though each one varies in the manner it was facilitated and done, it similarly gives me the same effect such as being absorbed and energized.

(4)       Relationships continue to be an important part of every person’s life. I feel it is what keeps people intact and stable. Due to this, their opinions and insights concerning my attitude and personality remains to be an important point I consider in determining my current state. Interviewing my brother, I can say he has some nice things to say about me. He can showcase my relative strengths as a person. In detail, he says that I was a very organized person who wishes that things be placed in order. Moreover, he said that my asset comes from my capability to plan better and arranging the things that I have to do. The other person that I consider significant is my best friend. She has been there for me for the longest time that is why she knows my personality a lot. Asking her the same question as my brother, I think she would respond in a shy manner because my best friend is not accustomed to those kinds of questions. But if I continued to persist, I think she will say that I am a patient and diligent person. My personality revolves around taking importance over details and seeing to it that every portion is addressed accordingly.

(5)       The past five years has been beneficial for me as it provided a framework for my individual development in my career. During this time, I had engaged in the study of accounting and acquired the skills necessary to be a competitive one. In the course, I underwent various struggles and hardships that given me the experience that I need in the workplace. It instilled in me the values and tenets of leadership that I never deemed possible. Moreover, I had to endure and persevere in the hard CPA exams with long and tiring reviews during the night. All of these paved off when I passed the exam with flying colors. Currently, I am associated with an accounting firm with a decent pay with proper benefits. In addition, I am involved in various community works that enables me to impart unto others my understanding of work and how professionals can better themselves. Lastly, as I seek a better career in the future, I know that it takes an ample amount of patience and dedication. With this mindset, I know that I can go beyond the horizons and expand my competence.