Human Resource Theory Essay

I believe the best investment opportunities are always found where no one else is looking. I choose to make my presentation at D. R. CONGO Investments, So that why I want to select one of the adverts which I found on ANAPI website and rdcongo. gov. com. D. R. CONGO background, Established as a Belgian colony in 1908, the Republic Democratic of Congo capital Kinshasa, gained its independence in 1960, but its early years were marred by political and social instability. D. R. CONGO located in Central Africa, northeast of Angola and Map Reference African, that why I have included a map of D.R. CONGO so that you may have some Idea of the counties I am presenting also you can visit countries site to found out more about D. R. CONGO www. congodigital . com, www. rdcongo. gov. com, www. congomikili. com.

The reason of choosing this adverts on at D. R. CONGO is that because when was making my research for the topic I should present to the class I find this adverts with much more information about how to invest in the DR Congo Land of opportunities in Heart of African, however I found lots of opportunities hich was very interesting to me therefore maybe also could be useful to some of students are on this class, the opportunities may not be right now maybe could be in the futures. The images I chooses to presented to the audience, according to my analyze and observations I found that the adverts itself was showing that to be successful on your life or to create a big opportunities or to setup a business or to make a good investments witch you have in your mind; we can also use The different countries, developed countries and undeveloped countries, e. g. D. R.

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Congo is one of the poor list countries in the world. However according to the “ANAPI” research they have found that R. D. CONGO is a land of opportunities for people who really wish to make their investment however they can use the different products which they have found in D. R. CONGO. On my presentation I do take my tame by explaining my audience that we can still use R. D. CONGO goods to create the business, the adverts also highlighted into our attention the power and impacts, importance and the values of the products and the materials which we need and we can get them from R.

D. CONGO to help us to start a business. If you really wish to start your business like this, you need to make a research here are some keys points you need to do; make more research of the products, procedures, prices, country for cheaper to make a profits. I understand that list of the products I presented to you is what is currently are most useful around the world. Today to make the materials which we are using in ours daily basic in the presents time e. g.

Mobile phone for the communications, Laptop, Computers, for the business, Educations, they are almost useful, these are the results of the adverts I presented. I believe this was contribute to the class as we all studies the business and we really strongly wishes to know about business area and functions, against obtaining knowledge at business how to invest and as well you will identify the quality products which you need to workout the costs of the well business you need to run. According to Agence Nationale pour la Investissements (ANAPI) research on how to invest in R.

D. CONGO lands of opportunities, the outcome is that we can use these list of products which can help us to start a business, the agriculture product ; coffee, sugar, palm oil, rubber, tea, cotton, cocoa, quinine, cassava (tapioca), manioc, bananas, plantains, peanuts, root crops, corn, fruits; wood products and Industries mining (diamonds, gold, copper, cobalt, coltan, zinc, tin, diamonds), mineral processing, consumer products (including textiles, plastics, footwear, cigarettes, metal products, processed foods and beverages), timber, cement, commercial ship repair.

All this information you can found them at D. R. CONGO website www. congodigital. com, www. drcongo. gov. com www. congomikili. com or you can use Agence Nationale pour la Investissements (ANAPI). website www. anapi. org. Finally if we follow how to work hard and ours life will be successful and would be easier