How top 5 brand. Competitor Baidyanath who

How to build Billion dollar business in
2 Steps. According to Economics times Baba Ramdev could be the next Tata or
Ambani of India. Patanjali brand recall value is in India’s top 5 brand. Competitor
Baidyanath who is working in this field from last 100 years and selling
Ayurvedic products turnover in 700 Crore while Patanjali turnover is 10,500
crore. Other competitors Hamdard is also 700 crore while the closes one is
Dabur which is 8500 crore. Except Unilever all other FMCG companies is behind
Patanjali. Baidyanath has 750 patent products while Patanjali has only 350 but
still the different in turnover is massive . Ramdev understand the need of
Market. Baidyanath still only focussing on Ayurvedic medicine while Patanjali
diversified and entered into FMCG. They competed with Big brand and products
like Bournvita replaced with Powervita. Instead of going for Dant Manjan (powder
used for teeth cleaning) he provided Dant Kanti which can be used by all
customer segment. Ramdev holded the USP of Ayurveda and not only focused on
medicine but used in FMCG. They come up with range which will be useful for
every age group starting from Beauty products to food products. They targeted
children also other Ayurvedic companies like Baidyanath products are mainly
used by old age segment but Patanjali bring more products which can be used by
teenagers also that will help them to penetrate deeper in the market and
increased the recall value since children are very active in social media. When
Maggi was not present in Market due to case Patanjali started noodles also.Divided
non unified leadership is also one of the reason for unsuccessful of
Baidyanath. Patanjali worked on unified undivided leadership which helps them
to take decision fast. Patanjali used the ecosystem of existing FMCG companies
and there contractors and vendors are same that are contractor of Unilever, P,
Dabur, Himalya, Emami and just did the packaging and positioning. Added
Ayurvedic properties in products and dint sell it as Ayurved but sell it
according to FMCG.