How to Ride Horse Essay

How to Ride a Horse Horseback riding is fun, but you need to know how to do it. First, it is important to know what equipment you and your horse will need. Your horse will need a saddle, saddle pad and a bridle. These are the most important pieces of equipment. Of course, there are also some optional pieces, such as a horsecloth and shin boots, but they are not always necessary. It is very important for the saddle and bridle. Stand with riding boots, it’s made of leather. If you don’t have riding boots, you should wear shoes with a flat sole that also tie. Next is the Helmet, with a strap.

It’s very important; if you don’t have it, the coach will not let you to climb on the horse; you must protect your head. Gloves are also important. you need to. Its have a piece of leather between the pinky finger and ring finger, to protect your hands, and provide more control. I think gloves are the most important piece of equipment for the horse riding, because you need to hold the reins and lead the horse along very assertively. A horsewhip, is like a stick, with a flat square piece of leather on the end. It’s really helpful to tell the horse how fast to go.

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The last piece of equipment is spur. It looks like a round piece of metal with a small briquette at the back, but it is not sharp. A leather strap makes it go around your boots. This is optional. If the horse is paying attention, you won’t need it. In China we have a lot of riding clubs. They can keep your horse, and they can help you to feed them. They also have horse-riding coach, and you can take lessons. They have a place to ride in side during the winter and a place to ride outside during the summer. To ride the horse, you must learn how to mount the horse.

First, use your hand to catch the rein and mane, put you left foot in to the left stirrup, and then just climb up. Once you are seated in the saddle, put your right foot in the right stirrup. When are on your horse, you have to hold the reins. If the horse becomes frightened, it will start running suddenly. If you hold the reins, when it starts running, you just need to pull back the rein slowly, and then the horse will stop. Use your leg to squeeze the horse’s belly to make it walk. If you want to trot, squeeze harder with your legs and loosen the reins.

To turn left, just lay the reins over left side of the horse’s neck. To turn right, lay them over the right side. To stop, squeeze the reins and pull back gently. Walking, trotting and cantering are fun, but for beginners, trotting is very hard, because you must post (rise up and down in the saddle) to coordinate with the horse. Is really hard to do the posting, because is hard to stand up when the horse trotting. There are lots of different kinds of horse in the world; some kinds are good for people to ride, some just can pull the car.

And there are a lot of different kinds of horses, like Thoroughbred horse, Belgium Warm blood horse, Dutch Warm blood horse, Arabian horse and so on. Thoroughbred horse is the fastest and most valuable horse in the world. Belgium Warm blood horse is a new breed for dressage and jumps the obstacles. Dutch Warm blood is famous for its strong legs arms and feet. Arabian horse is seen as the origin of all the horses. There are many different breeds of horses, and many styles of riding, such as western pleasure, dressage, trail riding, and show jumping. If you like horses and you know how to ride, you will have a lot of fun.