How College Will Change My Life Essay

College, “an institution of higher learning, especially one providing a general or liberal arts education rather than technical or professional training. ” College is something provided for adults of all ages that offer the opportunity to become a more advanced educated citizen. It’s something with great value and credibility in the real world when it comes to seeking for a salary paid job, whether it’s a corporate career, teaching career, or a career in the media industry. With any college experience comes an automatic gain especially if completed and exited with a degree or associates.

Deciding to go continue my education and further learning after high school was one of the best decisions I’ve made only because it’s what will benefit my future living, financially and mentally as well. Attending school has taught me useful tips I’ll use for the rest of my life, whether its time management, not procrastinating with anything and pushing myself to the highest possible limit. At the end of the day college is not for everyone to attend, it isn’t something to not take seriously; it requires dedication, patience, social skills, etc.

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Although college is a privilege but I see it more as a necessity in life in order to expand your horizons and life’s possibilities. People who drop out of college due to financial problems, outside jobs, or personal issues lose the opportunities of a higher rank career and stable way of living. Not going to college and finding a stable career eventually leads too much more than just money issues, it can be deeper than that. For example, relationships being able to support your spouse and yourself, which leaves creating a family out of the question.

The last thing anyone should do is bringing a child into this world with debts and being brought up in the world struggling. You miss out on all the possibilities you receive just by getting that grade A education that can lead to the best things in life, great pay, two vacations a year, and to just live comfortably. You might say my point of view is unreasonable or not true, but I think my points factor in the long run. Knowing that I’m accomplishing my goals by attending here at HCCC and moving on to a four-year school after wards makes me feel empowered as an individual of my age. I feel like it’s me bettering myself for myself.

In my family going to college is a big deal only because I’m the only one in the entire family to go to college, and that is including the aunts, uncles, cousins, parents and siblings! I feel like I can make a difference and establish myself as a businesswoman, and someone respected in the career world. Someday I plan on creating a family of my own where my kids will go to any college of their choice and I will be there to share my experiences and knowledge on how “college life” will teach you so much more of what the world has to offer everyone. Besides, I think everyone looks awesome in a cap and gown!