Hospitality Provision Essay

Hospitality provision is one of important services in travel and tourism. The hotel is a basis for short accommodation needs of travellers. Depending on the content and using that object classification stay in hotel, tourism, resort, etc. According to the level of amenities available, they are classified according to the number of stars from 1 to 5 stars. In recent year, the economics and society are developing. People are getting busier with their work and their life.

They have to do many things so sometime they need to have a rest time to relax and enjoy their life when their life are more wealthy and sufficient and travel is one of most ways which they choose to spend their rest time. In modern life now, travel is not hard anymore for people because of now we have much kind of transportations, accommodations, and restaurants and so on. Task 1: Understand the role of the hospitality industry within the travel and tourism sector. 1. 1Tourism industries are not the same as other industries. It is because we provide services to the customer while some industries provide the tangible product.

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Thus, hospitality and tourism cannot be separated as hospitality is the key to success in the tourism industry. In this assignment will discuss about the relationship between hospitality and tourism industry. Hotels are an important component of the tourism product. They provide services to people who are travelling. First of all, hospitality is maybe the most important thing in tourism because it provides the needs services to tourists who are taking long or short holiday, it is possible to encourage people spend their time and money to travel to a tourism destination and subsequently to return and recommend that place to friends.

To impress to tourists, the hospitality ought to have the best service for them such as good food and beverages, place of attraction and so on. In addition, every component combined each other. So, to make sure the client will feel satisfied with the service in the hotel. The hotels have to supply the good food and beverages for the meals of customers and they also should provide transportation for the passengers who are travelling there so thatthe travellers or customers will feel comfortable during their holiday. Thus, is demonstrated how the important relationship between hospitality and tourism industries.

There are different types of accommodations such as hotel, resort and so on. The popular accommodation for tourists is resorts because there are more entertainment services for customers. General environment around resort are beaches, ski areas, in the desert, near theme park or attraction places. Normally have facilities for relaxing such as swimming pools, tennis courts, golf course and dining facilities. A big resort will have wide spacewith many relaxing services and activities covering acres of land, it is called a mega-resortso that there are different kinds of resort such as spa resort.

It provides the extensive facilities for massages, facials, fitness activities and healthy dining. In addition, the ski resort provides a site and facilities to serve the needs of winter sports enthusiasts such as Christmas holiday. For example, in Christmas, people normally chose the place where having Snow Mountain such as Iceland or Scotland and so on to enjoy winter by playing ski board. Another type of resort is themed resort. That has strong identity. Normally, it associated with some other place and time.

For example, the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, an all-inclusive resort, charges one price that includes most of the costs of staying there. Hospitality industries are targeted at the needs of tourists. Tend to be located in city centres and at airport. Motel is type of hotel where parking provided at or near room and the room door gives out onto the parking lot. However, usually do not have full dining facilities or provide luggage assistance. It like the customers has to serve by them. The different between hotel and motel is the motel less service than hotel.

Tourism industries cannot succeed without hospitality because tourists need places to stay in the destinations. In hospitality, people who are served are tourists. Almost tourist who come from different countries . So they have different gender, variety hobbies and demands. They maybe also pay a lot of money so they need to have good services from hospitality and destination where they travel. They also need to be taken care of. So the hospitality need to make sure that those tourists feel satisfied with the hospitality‘s services.

One of important things in hospitality is supply good service about food for every meal of customers to let they have good feeling about that. In addition, hospitality need to applied transportation for customers such as bus, monorail or boat to go to different parks easily and conveniently so travellers will be very comfortable with their journey. Task 2: Understand the impact of integration within the hospitality industry 2. 1 Analyse the implication of integration to the hospitality industry. What is integration? Integration means combining of same organisation.

It’s a two-for one deal at many hotels around the country. And it’s not about the free night stay. Major hotel chains to build two hotels on the property, some in the same building, that target very different customers. The so-called dual-branded hotel is the newest hotel development is to save money during the economic fragility. “It allows the owner not only saves the cost of construction and operation of a combination of services such as a swimming pool or the holder, but it also gives them a chance to attract a wide array more potential customers, “said Glenn Haussman, editor of hotel interactive commerce site.