Honky by Dalton Conley Essay

The Blind Side

Imagine how life would be, starting off with having nothing to having everything you could ever want in your lifetime. With the efforts to help a young hopeless man, Leigh Anne Tuohy has greatly influenced Micheal Ohers life in numerous ways. Not only has Leigh Anne changed Michaels life, but in turn changed her life as well. She sees that Michael has the potential to be the greatest he can be if she pushes him to his limits. She becomes a stronger woman emotionally because of her experiences with Michael.

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Her family learns to accept him into their life and later considered him as part of their family. He also effects his community in many different ways. His disengagement from society leads him to become the most talked about in his community and later throughout the United States. He became more engaged within school, and his decisions made him a more positive person. Leigh Annes decision of welcoming Michael into her and her families life has tremendously changed their lives forever. Leigh Anne engages Michael in society. She knows that Michael is in desperate need of help. With open arms, she welcomes Michael into her home because she knows that he doesn’t have anywhere to sleep at night.

Even though Michaels academic records aren’t the greatest, Leigh Anne does everything in her will to help Michael make his GPA higher so he will be able to join the football team. All of his teachers believe he is unteachable, except his science teacher. She believes that Michael learns in a different way and needs an extra boost of help to improve his grades. His teachers had no faith in him because his grades were a D and F on average, which led them to give up on him. Michael then realizes that he has the potential to do his best in school if he pushes himself by reading the material and studying hard. He had a hard time paying attention in class at first, but his science teacher and Leigh Anne motivated him to try his hardest. He strived to do his best because he wanted to make the Tuohys proud of him. Not only has Michael effected Leigh Anne life, but has effected her family as well. Her family wasn’t as welcoming as she was in the beginning, but they learned to accept him into their lives. Sean was a little skeptical at first because he was unsure of Michaels intentions.

They found that Michael was trustworthy and helpful around the house. During their Thanksgiving dinner, Leigh Anne sees Michael sitting at the table by himself which leads Leigh Anne to invite everyone to the table instead of watching the football game. This brings them closer and gives them the realization that you should be thankful for what you have because Michael never experienced a family dinner. He effects the members of her family also. At school, Collins ignored Michael because she was embarrassed from him. She would try to avoid him at all costs because she was afraid her friends would question her about him. She learns to overcome what her friends think about her because she notices Michael sitting by himself. She didn’t want to leave him out so she sits next to him without saying a word. Michael notices her generosity and smiles to thank her. He changed the way she thinks about what people say about her by making a small friendly gesture. SJ seemed to be the most friendly out of everyone. Even though SJ was a lot younger than him, the two connected instantly.

Micheals grades improved which meant that he was able to join the football team. Each day SJ would take Michael out to the field to help him understand what his role was on the field. After hard work and practice Michael was still not able to understand the concept. Leigh Anne notices Michael struggling, so once again she was determined to help him. She explains to him just how he protected SJ in the car accident is how he should protect his teammates on the field. Michael finally gave in and was prepared to play. At that point, Michael was motivated by Leigh Annes words and played harder than he ever did. Their family has never been as close since Michael joined the family. Michaels life has never been better thanks to Leigh Anne. She has greatly effected him more than anybody and vice versa. From that point on everything in his life has changed. As time progressed, colleges from all over the United States started to notice Michaels great abilities in football. At one point, he was confused on where he should play because of the large amounts of colleges that desperately wanted him. He ended up choosing the college from his home town because it was where he was from and where the Tuohys encouraged him to go. Michaels’ troubles kept him from living his life to the fullest, but he still continued to succeed. Not only did the Tuohy’s change Michaels life, but in turn changed their lives as well. He now has the potential to fulfill his dreams and be successful in life because of what the Tuohys have done for him. How would you feel if you were in Michaels position?