Homosexual Is Just a Title, Love is a Passion Essay

“Marriage should be between a spouse and a spouse, not a gender and a gender” (Hertzberg). “Homosexuality is not an aberration but a normal part of nature and may well occur through biological factors, rather than any sort of lifestyle choice. ” Denying same-sex marriage is a violation of religious freedom and also a form of minor discrimination (HubPages). All people should be allowed to have the same benefits of marriage such as joint ownerships and financial benefits. Marriage is meant to be about love and is nothing to do with gender.

Same-Sex marriage is a fundamental right to all American citizens, which, no one should be turned down from true love, also, if one state allows a same-sex marriage, and the couple happens to move, all other states that which the couple would move to would have to recognize it, and are required to accept it, lastly, the amount of child adoptions would increase. Homosexuals should have the same rights as anyone else and that includes the right to get married. Traditionally in this country, marriage has been defined as a religious and legal commitment between a man and woman, as well as the ultimate expression of love (HubPages).

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Homosexual relationships are increasingly gaining acceptance in this country; however, these couples have not been permitted to marry. Denying Homosexual marriages is a form of minority discrimination (BalancedPolitics). Being in a Same-Sex relationship and wanting to get married and share your love with your partner is a fundamental right to being an American citizen. If the gay society was accepted more, then the more they gay and lesbians would be together and wouldn’t be scared to be with each other and show their love for each other.

This could lead to more families being made, and more children being adopted. The amount of children all around the world in foster care or adoption facilities is a numerous amount. “children growing up in gay homes seem to be “more tolerant of diversity, which is certainly of value in our multicultural society,” Perrin tells WebMD. They also seem to develop different coping mechanisms. “The children also seem to be less aggressive, more nurturing at a young age — in preschool and early elementary school. They seem to be able to resolve conflicts in a less-aggressive way than other children. ”(Davis). Everyone should be treated the same, and have all of the same rights. It’s unfair when society can tell you who you can and cannot love. You only live once, and why be unhappy, and not accepting? It just isn’t fair, to anyone. “While nine states allow same-sex partners to marry, or will soon, 41 states do not. Of those, 30 have written gay marriage bans into their state constitutions” (Gentilviso). In some states, such as California, allow gay marriage and are more acceptance of the idea than others.

If one state allows a gay couple to get married, and they move to a different state, then that state must recognize it, and are required to accept it (Balanced Politics). “The DEFENSE OF MARRIAGE ACT (DOMA) is a Federal law enacted on September 21, 1996 by then President Bill Clinton. The law essentially leaves it up to the States to decide whether to recognize a same-sex marriage performed in another State that permits such actions. The law came about through the then Republican controlled congress. At the time, same sex marriages were beginning to spread throughout a minority of States in the Union” (Defense of Union Act).

A possible opposing claim on homosexual marriage is that some people are against it because it goes against some religions. Also, some people believe that it is a sin and it harms people. The Counterclaim is that it has no physical harm on anyone, and God has absolutely nothing to do with your sexuality. “The author contends that God and religion should be left out of the gay marriage debate. According to the author, marriage is not a strictly religious institution, but is a civil institution as well.

The author claims that as surely as the government should not dictate the parameters of the religious institution of marriage, neither should a church impose its views on the civil institution” (Gray). “Remove religion from the equation and the remaining bar to gays achieving civil marriage equality is societal norms. But as van Lohuizen noted, those norms have changed with startling speed. Indeed, the preponderance of polls now show majorities favoring it” (Huffington). After researching this topic, there is are some very strong feelings toward it.

There are many people for and against same-sex marriage, that have some very good back up points. There is no reason why homosexuals can’t express their love, and get married to the person they want to be with. There is no difference between homosexual and heterosexual people, they both want to get married to the person they love, and it is a right that all human beings should have, no matter the base of your sexuality. Same sex marriage has been a huge issue for many years, and has been discussed many times. Nine states have accepted same sex marriage and have made it legal.

All 50 states should make it legal because it is a fundamental right to society. How unfair is it that if you are homosexual, which people cannot help, that you can’t have the same rights as heterosexual people? That’s right, it isn’t, and not one bit of it is fair. This problem needs to be addressed, and needs to be solved to where all people, no matter your gender, race, religion, or anything what so ever, should be accepted for who they are and who they want to be with. This whole issue has gone way out of proportion. The heart wants what the heart wants, and the heart needs what the heart needs.