Hitler, of them had a dream, and

Hitler, El Chapo, Josef Stalin, Pablo Escobar, all of these men were considered criminals and villains, yet they all had one thing in common. All of them had a dream, and isn’t that what life’s about? We all of have dreams and a vision for the future yet so few of us can see them through. I will tell you how a leader, role model, and a better life giver, overcame the obstacles and saw his dream through.     Pablo Escobar isn’t your typical rags to riches success story. He grew up with a loving mother and 6 siblings. His father left him at a young age and was killed due to gang violence. Pablo, sick of seeing his family suffer with no money, vowed that he would make a change for the better. Pablo had a knack for persuading people. He was able to persuade his friends at school to steal money from other kids and give him a profit at just the age of 11. Later on around when he was 17 he started a car smuggling and kidnapping ring yet all of this was for the greater good of his family. At this time they were living in a condo on the better side of town. Pablo had visions of ruling everything and making a better life for the poor and people that are frowned upon.     Yes, Pablo’s rise to power was violent and illegal, but… isn’t that how America rose to power as well? We went to war with several countries, killing them over oil to gain control, land to gain control, and for pure respect from everyone else. Our presidents have done illegal deeds to get the advantage, that is what power and success is based on, you do anything by any means to get what you have set your eyes on. Pablo did not envision death, and pain on the road to making his fantasies a reality but when a detour comes in your path of a crucial goal… you have just go right through it. He realized that people were going to try and take him down because they wanted to remain on top but he wasn’t going to let that stop him. Pablo was going to help those in need and was not going to just give up when he was interfered.     Pablo had started making and distributing cocaine to america and was making billions. So much money that he couldn’t count it all. So you know what he did? He started to build houses, apartments, schools, restaurants, buying cars, clothes and so much more and it was all free and for the poor. He did not want to watch them go through the pain he did, he didnt want them to have to take the same road he did. He wanted to influence the whole country on becoming better together, in unity, not as individuals and keeping each other down. So Pablo ran for president and won, now he can pass laws that will benefit everyone and slowly start to move in the right direction.    Now, i’m not saying pablo is a hero because of the bad things he did, the money he made, or the lives he changed. Im saying hes a hero because he is a role model in the aspect of him being a great leader. He came from nothing, had a plan, and executed it perfectly. although he was hated by authorities, the people of columbia loved him. Not for his money but because he inspired them, he changed their lives, he gave them a place to call home, he gave them the opportunity to learn, and most of all, he gave them the ability to be grateful and smile again. For all those reasons…that is why Pablo escobar was a true hero.