History of Smartphone Essay

The history if the Smartphone In the early 200’s devices called the Smartphone began to appear. Smartphone’s have many of the same capabilities and features as handheld computers. Smartphone’s can send and receive email and even use the internet. Smartphone’s may also include features as digital cameras, digital music players, electronic games, and receivers for gps navigation. Many smart phones have features like a keyboard similar to that of a typewriter others have a touch screen.

With a touch screen the user can enter information by pressing on parts of the devices screen, some touch screens work with a pen like tool called a stylus. With some devices the user can write of print on the screen with the stylus hand written programs convert the written words to computer code. Smartphone’s can perform many of the same as a full sized personal computer. People can access information on the World Wide Web and communicate through voice text of images no matter where they are. Touch screen technology was first developed in the 1970’s; today touch screens have many uses.

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They are used by many stores and restaurants to process orders they are also used for public information displays like information centers at bookstores and dictionaries in high-rise office buildings. A Smartphone is just like a normal mobile phone in that you can make calls and do texts on it. The difference between a normal mobile phone and a smartphone is that a smartphone will let you send emails and browse full internet sites even view and edit office documents. Some have a keyboard some a touch screen some even have both.