Hierarchical the main server. This will cut

Access LTD 


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Over the course of a few months Paul
Alexander has found there to be many small issues within the company. We have
been put in charge of fixing these issues as well as creating
a network setup. For the proposed network setup we added many
roles and features that include: DNS, DHCP, User Groups and Remote Desktop. We found that
there were eleven issues within the company and gave our opinions on
how to fix them. Some of the issues that were addressed
included restoring backups, configuring remote desktop, upgrading network
devices and setting up domains and domain controllers.



Access LTD is a privately owned company that is managed by its founder and CEO,
Alan Hake. HAL provides internet access and web registration for small
companies. Recently Paul Alexander has been manager of information security and
has noted that there are many issues that have not been resolved within the
company. Paul has approached us and asked that we use our extensive knowledge
to help solve the issues.


Issue #1

HAL is planning to open a second office in another
city and you are part of the team that is designing the new network. The
employees in the new office will be performing a wide variety of tasks, and
they need a large number of applications installed on their computers. William,
Systems Manager, is having trouble meeting his budget for the new network, due
to the high cost of the applications, processor, memory, and disk space
resources the workstations will need to run the applications. He is also
concerned about supporting and maintaining the workstations because there will
be no full-time IT personnel at the new site. You suggest using Terminal
Services to host the applications. William, however, knows nothing about
Terminal Services. Explain how using Terminal Services can resolve all of the
network design problems William is experiencing.



To solve this
issue William should install the Remote Desktop Service role. With Remote
Desktop Connection, you can access a computer running Windows from another
computer running Windows that’s connected to the same network or to the
Internet. For example, you can use all of your work computer’s programs, files,
and network resources from your home computer, and it’s just like you’re
sitting in front of your computer at work (Microsoft, 2013). This role needs to
be installed and configured on the main server as well as the workstation
computers. With this role installed he will be able to access and install the
required applications to each workstation from the main server. This will cut
down on costs by reducing the number of licenses required. There will be little
support required for the workstations because the only requirement is that the
workstation being used is running the remote desktop and is connected to the
main server.


Issue #2

Harold is a freelance networking consultant who has
designed a network for a small company with a single location. The owner of the
company wants to use an Active Directory domain, so Harold installs a Windows
Server 2008 domain controller with the Active Directory Domain Services and DNS
Server roles. Harold also uses DHCP to configure all of the workstations on the
network to use the DNS services provided by the domain controller. Soon after
the installation, however, Amanda, the CIO notices extremely slow Internet
performance. After examining the traffic passing over the Internet connection,
you determine that it is being flooded with DNS traffic. What can you do to
reduce the amount of DNS traffic passing over the internet connection?



 To increase the performance of the internet
access Harold should place the DNS and DHCP roles on separate servers. DNS is
used whenever an individual wants to access a website, as it takes the URL
entered and finds out what IP address is assigned to it. If you were to
increase the size of the DNS cache then the site would have an index of what IP
is assigned to what URL and would greatly reduce the load of looking up that
information. If the DNS and DHCP are on separate servers all the DNS traffic
will be forwarded to the DNS server so that the DHCP does not get buckled down.
You do not want the DHCP to be negatively affected because DHCP provides an
automated way to distribute and update IP addresses and other configuration
information on a network. A DHCP server provides this information to a DHCP
client through the exchange of a series of messages, known as the DHCP
conversation or the DHCP transaction (Microsoft, 2013). It is an extremely
important role and you want to make sure that it is functioning correctly
without being slowed down.


Issue #3

After deploying a large number of wireless laptop
computers on the network, Jonathan, the IT senior systems administrator
director at HAL decides to use DHCP to enable the laptop users to move from one
subnet to another without having to manually reconfigure their IP addresses.
Soon after the DHCP deployment, however, Jonathan notices that some of the IP
address scopes are being depleted, resulting in some computers being unable to
connect to a new subnet. What can Jonathan do to resolve this problem without
altering the network’s sub netting?



 To solve this issue Jonathan should check the
DHCP lease time. The lease time holds the IP address for the time that has been
allocated. Once the time is up the IP is released back into the scope. If there
isn’t a lease time Jonathon should set one. A lease time of one hour should be
sufficient. Having a long lease time keeps IP’s that have been used previously
out of the scope for an extended period of time and this leads to an
insufficient amount of IP addresses making it impossible for users to connect,
however having too short of a lease time can stress the DHCP server.


Issue #4

Edward Michaels is designing a new Active Directory
infrastructure for his department, which is based in New York and two
additional offices in London and Tokyo. The London office consists only of
sales and marketing staff; they do not have their own IT department. The Tokyo
office is larger, with representatives from all of the company departments,
including a full IT staff. The Tokyo office is connected to the headquarters
using a 64 Kbps demand-dial link, while the London office has a 512 Kbps frame
relay connection. The company has registered the litware.com domain name, and
Robert has created a sub domain called inside.litware.com for use by Active
Directory. Based on this information, help Edward design an Active Directory
infrastructure for his department. which is as economical as possible,
specifying how many domains to create, what to name them, how many domain
controllers to install, and where. Explain each of your decisions.



To solve this
issue Edward needs to configure three domains that are going to be hosted off
two domain controllers. The three domains would be nyork.inside.litware.com,
london.inside.litware.com and tokyo.inside.litware.com. Each office needs its
own domain for organizational purposes. The reason Edward should have two
domain controllers is because London is a small office with only two
departments and no IT staff. By default, a domain controller stores one domain
directory partition consisting of information about the domain in which it is
located, plus the schema and configuration directory partitions for the entire
forest (Microsoft, 2013). Since London and New York will have similar
configurations it makes sense to have them on the same domain controller. Tokyo
would have its own domain controller because they have a full IT staff and
their connection is sub-par.


Issue #5

Susan has installed the File Server Resource Manager
role service on her Windows Server 2008 file servers and created a number of
quotas to limit the server disk space each user can consume. In each quota, she
has configured FSRM to send email messages to the user and to the administrator
if any user exceeds a quota. She has also configured FSRM to create a Quota
Usage report each Friday. The next week, on examining the report, she discovers
that several users have exceeded their quotas, but she has received no emails
to that effect. What is the most likely reason that Kathleen did not receive
the FSRM emails and what can she do about it?



Kathleen may not
be properly configured as the administrator of the server; she should make sure
that she has the sufficient rights first and foremost. She should then make
sure that the FSRM was properly configured to email the administrator when a
user exceeds the quota of allocated server disk space. She should then make
sure that her email is not filtering out the email from the FSRM into her junk


Issue #6

Libby, a new hire in the IT department, approaches
you, her supervisor, Paul Alexander ashen-faced. A few minutes earlier, the
president of the company, Alan Hake called the help desk and asked Libby to
give his new assistant (Jamie Roma) the permissions needed to access his
personal budget spreadsheet. As she was attempting to assign the permissions,
she accidentally deleted the BUDGET_USERS group from the spreadsheet’s access
control list. Libby is terrified because that group was the only entry in the
file’s ACL. Now, no one can access the spreadsheet file, not even the president
or the Administrator account. Is there any way to gain access to the file, and
if so, how?



To solve this
issue Libby first needs check and see if there have been any backups made. If
there are backups she should then restore the backup which would restore the deleted
budget users group. If Libby is unsuccessful in finding backups she then must
remake the budget users group. After the group has been remade Libby needs to
configure it and re add the users to the group. Once this has been completed
Libby can complete her original task by moving Jamie Roma to the budget users
group from whatever group he was in.


Issue #7

Amanda Wilson has asked your team to help her server
administrator who has been given the task of determining why a particular
Windows Server 2008 server on a local area network is performing poorly. You
must also implement a remedy for the problem. The computer is functioning as a
file and print server for a small department of eight graphic designers. After
monitoring the computer’s performance using the Performance Monitor tool, you
have determined that the network itself is the bottleneck preventing peak
performance. The graphic designers routinely work with very large files,
saturating the network with traffic. Give two possible solutions that will
remedy the problem and increase the performance level of the computer in



 To solve this issue Amanda should look into
upgrading the network where ever possible. She could invest in new routers, and
she could have gigabit interfaces hardwired into all the workstations that are
connected to one main switch