hierarchical data is transmitted right away, so

hierarchical structure and uses a data driven
technique. The “Reactive Networks” are those which reacts to sudden
changes to the earth, so TEEN protocol is favored in condition where sudden
changes should be checked for instance change in temperature, change in humidity,
and so on. This protocol utilizes two characteristics which motivates on
specific conditions being met. These two characteristics are “Hard
Threshold Value” or “HT” and “Soft Threshold Value or
“ST”. HT Value identifies with a correct match of an incentive to the
pre-characterized an incentive past which the node detecting this value must
tum on and transmits its information to the “Cluster Head”. ST value
is a little distinction in the detected value that ought to initiate the
detected node and transmits its information to the CH. The determination of CH
in this protocol is done comparatively to the LEACH protocol 14.


The data is transmitted right away, so this protocol is perfect for time
sensitive applications. Further, the greatest energy expended isn’t within
information detecting, however among information transmission, since every
sensor node is initiated once there is change in the earth and not consistently
detecting and Data transmission happens once in a while, subsequently, this protocol
devours less energy similarly. Figure 3 gives a description how in TEEN protocol,
once an occasion has happened Sensors awakens and begins transmitting
information to the Cluster Head. This makes this protocol, ‘Dynamic’ in nature.
TEEN protocol are exceptionally vulnerable to cluster impact, this is
maintained a strategic distance from by utilizing TDMA planning of nodes,
acquainting this additionally leads with delay in revealing time basic
information to the base station and if the detected properties never achieve
the Hard Threshold value, there is no correspondence done between the base
station and the client, making the client be ignorant of the nodes status 14.

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