Heritage to improve theirpolicies in regard of

Heritage management is employed by many countries to facilitatesite development as well as to assist in the preservation of heritage.Heritage management is particularly complex because public andprivate, and sometimes local communities are involved. Despitethe fact that some literature is devoted to the protection andmanagement of heritage sites, little research has compared themanagement practices between natural and cultural heritageand detailed comparative studies that are undertaken from thisperspective are rare. Thus this study can be considered as one of thefew, internationally, and possibly the first, locally, that compares themanagement process in the two main types of heritage: cultural andnatural. Specifically, this study focuses on two main aspects of themanagement process, namely: the administrative and heritage legalsystem and local community involvement, aspects that have not beeninvestigated in any prior research in Jordan. The study selected twocase studies from Jordan: Umm Qais as a cultural heritage and AjlounForest Reserve as a natural heritage. The researchers adopted twomethods in order to collect the required data. Personal interviewsand direct observation were carried out at the archaeological siteof Umm Qais as a cultural heritage site and Ajloun Forest Reserveas a natural heritage site. The study reveals that while Ajloun ForestReserve is putting a lot of effort to manage its natural heritage, themain aim at Umm Qais is to attract more tourists. The study establishesthat the heritage legal and administrative system in Ajloun forestreserve is stronger than the system applied at the archaeological siteof Umm Qais, and that local community involvement is more wellrooted in Ajloun Forest Reserve management policies than in UmmQais. However implementing integrated legislation and involving thelocal community helps heritage managers towards public action andthoughts. Thus, this study may aid heritage operators to improve theirpolicies in regard of heritage management.