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Henry Purcell was born on September 10th 1959. Although when he composed his music he incorporated a lot of French and Italian into his pieces. Although he was an english composer. He is thought to be one of the greatest english composers. He was born in the area of London known as the Devil’s acre. He was the youngest in his family out of all his brothers. His father died in 1664, and was placed as guardian of his uncle Thomas. Purcell is known to have been composing since the age of nine. So it seems he was born into composing. He died in the year of 1695 at his home in Marsham street. Purcell is actually buried adjacent to the organ in Westminster Alley.Purcell worked in many genres but preferred to stick to symphony songs and the theater. His friend John Blow even wrote an ode to his death called “An Ode, on the death of Mr. Henry Purcell. So you can tell from that and his other pieces was a very respected composer. Also there was a club formed around him in London in the year of 1836 to help promote his music more. There was even a film about Henry Purcell! It was made in 1995 and it was called ” England my England.” It was about the life of Henry Purcell through a playwright in the 1960s.  He also has strong influence on composers from the renaissance. Purcell also wrote a number of plays wich is really cool. And composed music for two comedies. In his final six years of life he wrote 42 plays. Wich is an outstanding achievement. One of the major operas  that Henry Purcell composed was Dido Aeneas.It is an opera composed of three acts and a prologue. This opera is about the love of Dido queen of carthage for the trojan hero Aeneas. It is remembered as one of his most famous theatrical works. And it his only all sung dramatic work. This opera all in all was a tragedy but it did have a couple more relaxed lighthearted scenes. One of the songs from the opera Dido and Aeneas is the song Dido’s Lament. And its text has a very heavy and poetic style to it. One of the reasons Henry Purcell is still remembered is because of how many time his songs were printed again after his death. At first when he was composing music he was doing mostly instrumental music. Also most of his theater songs compose most of music. Wich is very interesting. Regarding how many songs he has composed. He also wrote music for churches. Hail bright Cecilia was an ode in honor to the feast day of Saint Cecilia. “As poetry is the harmony of words, so music is that of notes; and as poetry is a rise above prose and oratory, so is music the exaltation of poetry.” i thought this was a very profound and interesting poem. I enjoyed reading it and thinking it over in my head. Henry purcell was a great composer and a lot of his works are still recognized to this day. Henry purcell also greatly appreciated the power of poems as seen by the quote above. In another quote I found poetry was also mentioned along with art. So he appreciates other artforms as well as just music. Another one of his operas was King Arthur. This opera is based on the battles of King Arthur and the Saxons. It is only a semi opera even though it is composed of five acts. I was reading through the words on his song “Lost is my quiet” and it is a very solemn set of words. He is talking about in what I think is how everything worthwhile in life is gone and nothing is left. And he is talking about his love is still there and that his love is unmoved by hate. I read that through and thought it was very deep. It is a very floaty and yet at the same time falls heavy. Even though it is still floaty i’m getting the same impact from the words. When I heard this song there was no accompaniment for it. And it was also a duet. In why should men quarrel it has a floaty feeling to. And the premise of the song is asking why should men quarrel wich to this day is still a big question. We have wars we fight individually with our family and our friends so I feel that this song has a good question to it. It seems to be a common trend on how that their voices in these songs are very floaty.Sadly Henry purcell had a very short life so maybe if he lived longer he could have composed more music and make a bigger impact on life. Some of the songs that Henry Purcell was working on he could not finish because the threat of a fatal illness. So his brother continued his work.So in conclusion I enjoyed learning more about Henry Purcell he certainly lived a very accomplished life. Writing many songs and plays that were a success. And being known as one of the greatest composers of all time. I’m will repeat I am glad to know more about Henry.