Henry Clay” begins in the year of

Henry Chen 
December 29, 2017

English ISU
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and Sicario

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The city of Washington D.C, United States, there was an author named Michael Chabon who wrote a book called ” The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay” that was originally published on September 19,2000. Denis Villeneuve, a French Canadian director who directed a film called “Sicario” Between the book and the film, the relationship between reality and fantasy, most of the characters have a secret that they have been hiding from others that consider their private lives.  Just as the characters that are created are different from normal humanity.

The novel “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay” begins in the year of  1939 with Josef Kavlier who is 19 years old, traveling to New York City to live with his 17 years old cousin, Sammy Klayman. As the novel develops, both Sammy and Josef keep finding their creative niches, one entrepreneurial, the latter’s artistic. Beyond having a shared interest in drawing, Sammy meet Josef share several connections to Jewish stage magician. When Sammy discovers that Josef artistic talent, Sammy gets Joe a job as an illustrator for a novelty products company, Empire Novelty. 

Sammy Clay is the main character of the novel of ” The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay,” whom was from Brooklyn about to chase his dreams to publish comic books. Sammy is Joe’s sidekick, but that didn’t interpretation. Joe and Sammy relationship is not that of a mentor and his student or a father and his son. They are fully partners, sharing in the creation of characters, the development of stories. As time goes despite Sammy’s courage in the office, his real struggles was seeking to accept his homosexuality. Throughout the novel Sammy seems denial, even though nearly every other character seems to know he is gay just from meeting him. Tracy Bacon is Sammy’s great love, but Sammy turns his back on that relationship after he is sexually abused by another man. This denial nearly destroys Sammy’s spirit; when he and Joe are reunited after twelve years,  Joe describes Sammy as haggard. But he is also tough and resilient.   Sammy did realizes he had nothing to lose, and he finally buys his tickets to Los Angeles and gets on the westbound train he was supposed to be on with Bacon twelve years earlier.
The theme of ” The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay” is how superhero they are created and escape. Joe and Sammy’s lives and thus for the novel. Escaping has the power to save and enchant but is simultaneously a leaving and arriving for the former a thing of sadness, the latter, one of joy. The better part of this novel, Joe understands only the former. He has been trained in the art of the escape, an ability that he will use throughout his life and starting when as a young man he performs a real-life death defying escape. Getting smuggled out of Prague before the Nazis have a chance to send him to a concentration camp. By magic Joe was able to escape the slights of hand and feats of wonders that he is capable to call forth at will and faith, for it is in the casket of a religious figure and the golem that Joe makes his passage.

The Short film ” Sicario” was directed by Denis Villeneuve who is a french Canadian film director and writer. The film lead out in Chandler, Arizona, United State with FBI Critical Incident Response Group with a team off Agents Kate Macer and Reggie Wayne that lead a raid of a suspected to a Mexican Cartel Safe-house, where they discover  dozens of decaying corpses and traps that already killed two officers. Following the raid, Kate’s manager recommends her to Department of Justice special joint task force, overseen by Matt Graver, to apprised the Sonora Cartel lieutenant Manuel Díaz.

Kate Macer leaded FBI Critical Incident Response Group with another parter but for someone to relate their lives on her is very impressive. Kate Macer is standing out of the reset of the other characters because how a female is capable of leading the FBI Critical Incident Response Group team. She enjoys what she is doing and what she is doing is trying to protect her country and the people in that country. Kate Macer is putting her life on the line to order to make her country safe again. Kat isn’t afraid of helping others with crisis management, hostage rescue, surveillance and hazardous devices mitigation. 

The film was conceived at the height of the violence in Juarez in the year of 2010 according to director Denis Villeneuve. Sicario examined many types of aspects of the United State of American war on drugs against, most generally, drug cartels in Mexico, Central, and South America. As a perspective of an American, he realized that the illegal drug trafficking situation in Mexico still has remained largely stagnant in the two decades prior.  The film asserts that the American war on drugs is turning us into the very monsters we are trying to defeat. Rotella asserts that process has been made in Mexico, and expresses qualms over the depiction of the movie’s as black ops campaign, as relative to his experience that most U.S operations resulted in the arrest and prosecution of drug lords.