HEALTH trade so it mean trade item


Healthcare sector includes hospitals, clinics, NGO’S  and health service provider, these systems
regulate through the one systematic 
way  so, the health policy made in
the health care sector. Significance of health policy is to check and balance
of the health sector budget that allocate efficiently  in all services.

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for health and health care:

We demand
health individual and aggregate level. In aggregate level if health of human
being is improving so the country human capita, l improves, we see the relation
as supply of health directly proportion human capital. Individual level demand
of health depends the how much consumption of health so a part of it we produce
health. We see the demand analysis that which factor impact on person
utilization of medical services,  than
identification of each factor after it level of intensity see the impact of
utilization of medical services.

health and trade:

 Global trade refers as trade between countries
to exchange commodities in terms of resource transfer to less available
country. If we discuss global health and trade so it mean trade item must
secure item, according to its packaging and hygiene, food that enhance the
human being health in this type of trade that enhance the well being of the
people includes many services like education, medical services and brain drain.

health diplomacy:

interlink with foreign policy and foreign policy interlink with trade this
condition elaborate the global health diplomacy. There are following points
that define the importance of global health diplomacy.

Promote global development

Trade systematically

Trade impact global health

Build capacity among member states to create

Burden of

Who bear the
burden of disease if a person(s) in family, country and world have physically
and mentally disability?

The Individual
level whole family suffers with the disability of a person, because family income
decreases and expenses increase, a relatively independent person becomes a
dependent person.

National level
remaining person bears the burden of disable persons, if they don’t beat so yearly
GDP target not attains. For this country GDP drop rapidly due to disable

burden of disease control the UNO according to its policy, develop country give
aid to developing country to get rid of disease in the whole world.


Burden of
disease affects individual in many forms like, suicide, depression,
psychological problems, financial strain, domestic violence, self-harm and
social withdrawal. Burden of disease also affects the national level like,
inflation, less GDP, foreign loans, less investment, increase aids, devaluation
of currency and budget deficit.


The numbers
of years lost due to dying at an early age because of disease. YLL value in
terms of numbers if 3 so its mean 3 years. Example a person’s expected life is
62 years,  but he dies in 52 age so lost
10 years. In YLL productivity is zero.


The number
of years leaves a person with disability, caused by a disease. Person expected
life 62 years and he dies 52 ages, at age 40 his disease diagnose, so total
year of YLD suffers 12 years after  this
duration person suffer from disease. In YLD person productivity, decrease instead
of zero, because of disease.


This is  the sum of YLL and YLD, in DALY years include
disability, age and toward expected age.


opposite to DAILY, in QALY years include birth year and before disability
period. QALY value if 1 or 0,  close to 1
more health and close to 0 less health, 0 mean mortality. QALY calculates
quality of life. If we give therapy to the individual so quality of life
improve. So this is the phenomena of QALY.