he two civilizations would be Mesopotamia and

he two civilizations would be Mesopotamia and Indus River
In terms of Politics and Governance, Mesopotamia had a system of
Monarchy along with early democracy wherein the people elected
officials through whom they exsercised their ruling.
The economic system of both the civilizations was predominantly
based on trade and both the civilizations were involved in
agricultural practices.
Social system, it is said, the Mesopotamian Civilization was
quite adroit with regards to the formulations of housing structures
and had developed a keen system of functioning. They were also the
first ones to have created a writing style.  
Culturally, the civilization was quite rich, they had developed
seals and plaques wherein scenes and incidents would be depicted
through the channel of art. The were known to have the babylonian
code of law.
Indus Valley Civilization
There was one expectation that was expected off of the people of
Indus valley, which was to follow their Dharma (duty), this was
controlled by the then Government as it was the only law
Economically, as mentioned afore, trade was the predominant
factor as well as agriculture.
Socially, the people of Indus valley civilization have intrigued
all Historians as they had formulates brick structures for housing,
and were the firsts to have developed lavatories within each and
every house. It was quite systematic in its way of functioning.
The Indus valley was also quite affluent in regards to their
culture there were jwellery and Ceramics and idol of Shiva the lord
are known to have been found there, extensive pottery and clay bead
making were also profoundly prevalent.
These civilizations have mapped out a map of significance for
all posterity as they have been able to capitalize on the essence
of being human. This potential can only be tapped into if we pay
attention to their way of life and their culture as well as