Has Imperialism Perished Essay

“Imperialism is broadly the policy of extending the power or rule of the state beyond its boundaries typically through the establishment of an empire. ”(Andrew Heywood ,Global Politics ,(Palgrave Macmillan ,2011),28). Imperialism in its earliest usage was keen on the creation of formal political domination ,it also reflected the expansion of state power and also the ideology that aid in military expansion . However this view has changed so much so ,that dominant countries are only in it for the power(economically). Slavery was used as a means of expanding profits of leading countries .

Slavery is no longer practice however it has come in a different form . Weaker nations have become so dependant on imperialistic countries that we could easily classify it as slavery. Imperialism has primarily been the most powerful force in the world history dated back five centuries ago. Imperialism deals alot with domination, the more aggressive nations ruled the economic exploitation of the weaker nations. These stronger nation gained these other nations by conquest, treaty or purchase. These dominant nation often control these ther nations for the benefit of themselves such as for their economic ,political and cultural life. Imperialism seeks to achieve the same aim as colonialism but “without the trouble and cost of actually establishing colonies”(Llyod Erskine Sandiford, Politics & Society ,An Introduction in Barbados and the Caribbean,(Cassia Publishing Limited ,2000),24). These dominant nations where so eager that they did not only dominant colonies but countries to . The growth of imperialism was based on citizens being proud of their country’s accomplishment, which included over throwing foreign places.

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Social Darwinist view on imperialism was that “the stronger groups will takeover and replace the weaker ones. This idea was known as ‘The White Man’s Burden” after a poem by Rudyard Kipling. Critics interpreted this poem to mean “that it was the duty of the imperializing nations to bring western culture and sensibility to the savage native populations that were encountered in far off lands”. Imperialism has changed so much so that it involves ‘economic domination without the establishment of political control. ”

Dominant countries no longer want to dominate for irect political power but economic means . These stronger nations would go to other nations to seek goods/services for their benefit, for example European nations would go to Barbados (a foreign country)and dominate so they could get the raw materials to make their goods so as to maintain an industrialized economy and increase profits. There was a need to cut production costs and maximize profits by investing in countries with cheaper labor markets . Imperialism is now based heavily on capital therefore these weaker nations started to depend on them . These nations were particularly vulnerable because hey had a “low standard of living and inferior quality of life for citizens” (Llyod Erskine Sandiford, Politics & Society ,An Introduction in Barbados and the Caribbean,(Cassia Publishing Limited ,2000),25). Other large nations then realize that these imperialistic nations are becoming wealthier as a result of imperialism consequently they decided to become imperialistic to gain these benefits. Imperialism according to political theories purpose is to decrease the strategic and political vulnerability of a nation however this is not practiced anymore.

Thus some have argued that the new imperialism was “caused by a flight of foreign capital’(Addo H ,Imperialism ,The Permanent Stage of Capitalism (The United Nations University ,1986). Slavery is defined in The Oxford Concise Dictionary Of Politics as the condition in which the life ,liberty, fortune of an individual is withheld . The Caribbean was a main destination for the millions of slaves that were brought from Africa . These imperialistic countries only brought them to work on the plantations doing fieldwork so that work would be done faster therefore raw materials could be sent back to heir countries to maximize profits. Economic ,social and political slavery dominated the islands due to imperialism . These slaves were brought against their will and endured oppressive conditions and were deprived of many things as part of their lives as slaves .These slaves were forced to work everyday and luxuries of any kind were virtually unknown to them .

These weaker nations became a theater for conflict and competition with other dominant countries because of slavery. The legacy of slavery has diminished to some extent because the weaker nations no onger work the fields and have to endure such conditions . However we still rely on the dominant countries for aid . These countries are under developed therefore debt crisis more than likely occurs . These governments are not able to manage the country finances. The government then goes to these imperialistic colonies then grant them loans on specific condition ,these conditions vary on the amount of time taken to repay these loans .

They are called global governance organizations which include the International Monetary Fund, World Bank ,Inter-American Development and World Trade rganizations. Therefore persons in society have some freedom however countries are still under restrain from them. Imperialism has changed however it is benefiting the imperialistic countries. It is based now more on power than oppressing indigenous people . Slavery has diminished to some extent however it has not improved the weaker nations lives but has created more chaos. These dominant countries are suppose to aid other countries but there are only in it for what they could get. References Addo ,H ,Imperialism ,the Permanent stage of Capitalism, (the United Nations university ,1986)

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