Happiness: Emotion and Image Essay

Happiness and Sadness

As we go through life we experience events that affect us emotionally. Sometimes the events can make us happy while other times the event can make us feel sad. For example, attending a family reunion and seeing relatives that you have not seen for some time oftentimes makes the individual feel happy. However, losing a loved one would make the individual feel extremely sad. In two pieces of what could be termed a visual text, the viewer is brought into a space where he or she witnesses a moment of happiness and a moment of what appears to be deep sadness. An analysis of each picture through its use imagery, design, and human impact will demonstrate that a picture can convey a specific emotion. The first picture makes the viewer think of the show “Good Times”. It’s a very interesting text that caught my eye. The image of the people in the picture looks as if they’re having a great time. The clothes that each one has on, makes it look like they are ready to party. The imagery demonstrates that each person in the image is feeling happy about where they are and what they are experiencing. In the other image, it shows a lot of emotional sadness. There is this sad young lady sitting alone. The darkness in the room makes me think of sadness. The dark room brings a pale look on her face as the light shines a little upon her. The image of the girl looks as if she has a lot on her mind. In these images the emotions of happiness and sadness that are expressed by each person.

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The design of each image also draws the attention of the viewer. In the image that portrays the emotion of what it feels like to be happy, the background gets the viewer’s attention with a line-up of different varieties of singers and the spotlight also brings the viewer’s eyes directly to the center of the floor where you can see that it’s an split in the middle, where it looks as if all females are on the left side and all males are on the other. In this happy image with all the people in the background because it shows a great example of a group of people that are having a good time with a lot of people. As previously stated, I chose this image because it reminds me of the show “Good Times”. The show has some funny moments in it where the actors actually have a good time. The picture draws my attention form every part of the picture. where its this very bright light in the
middle of witch looks like a dance floor with a diverse of female on the left side and where there are males on the right, which also draws my attention even more as I see the style there dancing. The picture has many intersting facts.

They look as if they are dancing to some very interesting music that takes control of their bodies. The eye of the viewer is drawn to the dancers’ faces which appear to be exciting. Looking from the top left, the viewer sees these different types of signs with writing on them. The text of the sign is written in a nice fashion way in big bold letters that catches the viewer’s eye. Others have names of different types of singers that really have great music witch tells me they really are having a great time because there listing to some great artist. As I look in the upper background, I see other males and females dancing together and having fun. Then as I look to the far right I see a man playing a saxophone jazzing it up and also a guitar player. That image is filled with lots of things to show what it is like to experience a moment of happiness.

In this sad message shows a example of a person that is down and out, having problems or having a bad day which can leave you to yourself being depressed. The young girl in this image looks like she have been through problems. The background is very dark. Her face expression looks like she thinking of something very important. Her head is faced down on her hands resting and thinking at the same time. Her face looks pale as if she could be sick from worrying herself to death. In my mind I think she may be going through a lot of stressful problems, maybe with a friend, because those are some of the main things young people go through now days. She could also be worrying about a lost love one in her family, because that would lead you to worrying a very whole lot to yourself. It could be the good or bad things that she’s thinking about in that image only her face tells it all because she isn’t expressing any other way, no telling how she’s feeling, there’s no one around her to laugh or say anything to chill her up, to actually know what’s really going wrong with her. That’s a great example of a person feeling down and blue. When someone is like that you would rarely see anyone around them, because they would like to have alone time to there self to get there feelings together and figure out what they have to do to get there self together.

Both of these images have a great deal of human impact in the way they portray happy and sad emotions. These are images that will attract the viewer in a way that he or she will want to spend time looking at each image. Today many people have different ways of expressing their feelings to someone, or about the world which they are living in. Some people have great times, which you can notice, by there expression on their face. When you’re happy you would do anything to show your happiness. When most people are happy they share there happiness with family and friends. It would be shown in many types of ways. There are other times, when people are down in life. They also express their feelings, they may not express as much because there feelings could be hurt. You wouldn’t see much excitement. It’s hard for these type of people to have a good time. The person could be hurt and feeling blue because of their problems there going through. You can always show your feelings to someone wether your happy or sad.