Handheld Game Console Essay

In this epic article, we will dig into the world of Handheld Game Consoles. In the first part, we will have an in depth analysis about the different essential attributes of Handheld Game Consoles and how these attributes can influence our playing experience. We will analyze the function of essential attributes of the Handheld Game Console in different aspects. In the second part, we will describe the history of the development of Handheld Game Consoles and the Nintendo dynasty. In the third part, we will discuss the public’s overall opinions about the Handheld Game Consoles. Are they excellent or terrible? Are they enjoyable?

Are they beneficial to our health and life? In the final forth part, we will analyze different customers’ attitudes about Nintendo NDS and Sony PSP. We will show the two giant’s advantages and disadvantages Part1: Handheld Game Console Overall attributes According to Wikipedia, A Handheld Game console is a lightweight, portable electronic device with a built-in screen, game controls, speakers and replaceable and/or rechargeable batteries or battery pack. (Handheld Game Console, 2012) Simply said, a Handheld Game Console is a game system that you can play on hand. There are several key features of a successful Handheld Game Console.

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The first is portability. In the early days, some game systems are too heavy to carry. Like the early mobile phones, the early portable game systems are like bricks. The Nintendo Game Boy is a good example. But, in order to make the game system popular, it should be carried as easily as possible. You do not want to carry an XBOX to play on hand. That is exhausting. Unfortunately, some manufacturers did not realize this idea well. Milton Bradley Microvision might have been a pioneer, but it sold poorly partly because of its heavy appearance. (Benj Edwards,Dec 09, 2012) The second key attribute is battery life.

If you need to put six big batteries into a game system and it only lasts for two hours, do you still want to buy that game system? The answer might be No. The battery-hungry Sega Genesis Nomad’s poor sales might be a good example. (Benji Edwards, Dec09, 2012) Nowadays, all the portable game systems start to use the chargeable batteries so that people do not need to worry about buying batteries. If I now fly from America To China, and I want to play with a handheld game system, I definitely want my game system have battery life as long as possible, so that I can play game all the time.

However, now a common handheld game system, like 3ds, usually has battery life for about 3to 5hours. This might not satisfy the consumers who want to play outside for a long time without charging battery. The third key attribute is the physical control. To some people, the physical control might be an essential attraction that differentiates the Handheld Game Systems from other game systems. You cannot play games on I-phone pushing buttons. You cannot play games on Xbox and PC using touchscreen. The push button and the touchscreen might be two important factors for Nintendo DS’s success.

It has been the most popular Handheld Game System so far. (Nintendo DS, 2012) The forth-key attribute is the graphic. Some players in the world always regard great graphic as their Number 1 favor of a game system. The success of PS2 tells us that the evolution of graphic will bring the game system huge success. However, this is not always true. When Nintendo DS is competing against Sony PSP, PSP has much better graphic than NDS. But NDS is the winner of the game. It is more popular world widely. We will discuss this issue later. The fifth key attribute is the game software.

A lot of good game systems failed because they did not have great games supporting the system. Nintendo’s first Handheld Game System: Game Boy does not have great graphic. But, it has thousands of fabulous games including Super Mario, Pokemon. (List of games of the original Game Boy,2012) It becomes the first handheld game system that dominates the market. In fact, the games are truly important for any game system. If a company holds its core popular game software, it will not worry about its sales of its game systems, as Nintendo did. The sixth key attribute is the software carrying media.

Currently, all the major Handheld Game Systems use card to store the games instead of CD. Although CD allows bigger games, card is smaller, quicker to play and produces less noise. That is why nowadays the companies prefer Cards instead of CDs to carry the game software. Part2 The history of Handheld Game Console and the Nintendo Dynasty Milton Bradley is the first company to introduce the handheld game console in the world- Microvision. (Donald Melanson, 2006)The system is problematic and easy to be damaged. In 1980s, Nintendo Corporation invented its first handheld game system called Game;Watch.

It has a small size with low battery consumption and a bunch of great games, including Donkey Kong, Mario Bros. It becomes amazingly popular world widely. It quickly defeated its opponents including SEGA and BANDA. Its success began to foretell a dynasty of Nintendo. The GameBoy is the first Monster-Level handheld Game Console. The Nintendo Company wanted to produce a Handheld Game Console with interchangeable game software. Then the Game Boy was born. So far it was the most successful Handheld Game System ever with the sales records of 0. 1 billion copies.

Although the system has a black and white graphic screen, it dominated the market for a decade. Lynx on 1989 is the first color-screen Handheld Game Console in the world. Although it has better graphic than GameBoy, it is much more expensive with huge battery consumption. Its marketing force turned out to be no match for Nintendo’s Game Boy. The Game Gear made by SEGA might be another surprising challenger to GameBoy. It has a fairly reasonable price, much cheaper than Lynx. However, it has the same problem of heavy weight and huge battery consumption.

It only got a modest success in the face of Nintendo’s increasing dominance in the market. (Donald Melanson,2006) The Game Boy Advance is the successor of the Game Boy. It was later proved to be another gigantic success. Its success can be attributed to several reasons: First, its father is the Monster Game Boy. Second, Consumers are confident with Nintendo’s brand and product. Third, there are so many software manufacturers supporting the system. Forth, its marketing strategy is very successful. Fifth, it has a colorful screen with evolutionary graphic. The history of development of Handheld Game Console, 2012) In the new 20th Century, the competition of Nintendo DS and Sony PSP becomes the dominant power of the Market. In 2004, the Sony PSP was released with the best evolutionary graphic ever in history. Despite its high price, it became a huge threat to Nintendo Corporation. Facing this big challenge, the Nintendo Corporation released its new product- Nintendo DS. It has dual screen system with a touchscreen. It later gained huge success and won the battle against Sony PSP due to a bunch of great games coming to the market.

In 2011, Nintendo Corporation released its latest product- 3DS- the first game system ever in history with a 3D screen. I actually owned a 3DS. At first, the sales are low due to lack of games and the depression of the market. After Nintendo cut the price and a series of great games comes, the sales of 3DS began to roar. In 2012, Sony Corporation released PSVita as the second generation of PSP. Although it has the best graphic ever in history, its sales turns out to be low temporarily, partially because of is high price. So, as time goes by, the new battle between 3DS and PSVita has just began.

Which one will win the battleship this time? Time will tell. Part 3: Customer’s Overall attitudes toward Handheld Game Systems. What do people think about Handheld Game Consoles? Are they good or bad? Well, there are different types of customers who can argue about this topic for a decade. We here will represent the major voices of some of the customers. First, to parents, sometimes a handheld game console causes a lot of trouble in the family. In china, a kid’s mother is complaining about PSP:” A few days before, I bought the PSP for my son.

He soon became addicted with the games and forgot to study. His GPA was going down. It is hard to control his game addiction. ”(Students are addicted to the game, making parents painful, May 31th, 2012) Usually, if there are three kids in a house, each with their own DS, eventually each one will covet another’s game. This usually results an argument, and sometimes an all out fight (Peter Cohen, February 22nd, 2010) . That is why usually parents have to buy a second copy for their children. Although some parents complain about Hand Held Game Console, there are parents who love the consoles.

Their reason is that they stay in touch with their kids while playing the games. A young player’s father is saying:“ I have a lot of fun with many of the games I’ve bought for them, and it’s a great way of staying in touch with what they’re doing. It gives us a point of discussion after school, when I’m driving those places or around the dinner table. “(Peter Cohen, February 22nd, 2010) To seniors, a Handheld Game Console might bring some surprising function to help them do brain exercise! Have you heard that President Bush love playing his NDS even when he was in the white house?

It is true that Playing games like Brain Age can help baby boomers and senior citizens keep their brains active, says Elizabeth Zelinski, Ph. D. (Meryl K. Evans, April 06th, 2006) The Brain Age is probably the most popular NDS games that are sold world widely. It even helps some old people cure their mental retardation. So the Portable Game Consoles can actually bring great benefit to the society. Somehow, we can say the Portable Game Console is a platform for people to create games and software that can entertain and benefit the whole society.

To the core players, whom are the young people usually around 6 to 30, the handheld Game Console is definitely the coolest thing in the world. The core players are the people in the world who really need playing games on hand and love the feeling of gameplay. They will always try to buy every great Handheld Game Console and enjoy all the great games. Those core players see the best Handheld Game Consoles as evolutionary Game systems. . The innovative ways of playing make them fall in love with the systems.

From core players’ view, if you want something that you can play with in your own home; you want something that you can have access to anytime you want; and, you want a video game system that you can take with you wherever you go to keep on entertaining yourself and keep away from getting bored, then the Handheld Game Consoles are definitely the best thing for you! ( ombeb, May 31th)Handheld Game Consoles are a great way to pass time while traveling! Nowadays there are more and more functions that the handheld Game Consoles are equipped with. For example, users can use 3DS to watch movies and take 3D photos.

The PSP fans can use their PSPs as a flash drive and listen to music and watch movies. The young children in the primary schools and middle schools are probably the biggest fans of Handheld Game Consoles. They will communicate with each other about their game experience. Usually the people who can play really well will be popular in the children’s group. I myself was once a big fan of GBA in my middle school. I spent huge amounts of time playing those games and exchange the game feedback with my classmates. Part 4: different customers’ attitudes about Nintendo NDS and Sony PSP.

On December 12, 2004, PSP was released in Japan. It immediately brought huge threat to the dominant status of Nintendo. In the E3 show before PSP was released, people had already noticed that the graphic of PSP would be much better than NDS. A lot of analysts commented that it is time to let Nintendo’s dynasty face the real challenge. Indeed, from the perspective of ability, NDS is no match for PSP. PSP was an evolutionary portable game system with the best graphic ever in history at that time. NDS has a dual screen system with a touchscreen. The graphic of NDS only advanced a little from its father-GBA.

It seems like before NDS was even released, it had already surrendered to PSP. However, the history is quite different from what we thought originally. NDS actually became the most popular Handheld Game Console ever in history. Although PSP is also a successful generation of portable game system, compared to NDS, it is far more behind. So, why did NDS gained such a huge success without being taken over by PSP? There are millions of reasons to argue. Here is one big reason: For a long time in history, Nintendo’s game system has won a huge amount of fans world widely.

It is the brand effect that makes people buy NDS for whatever reason. People know that Nintendo will not frustrate them. NDS did a smart thing by covering all the games on GBA. People can play both GBA games and NDS games. This smart decision makes those people who love GBA games continue to follow NDS games. Perhaps the biggest reason why NDS can still survive and achieve success is because of the great games Nintendo develops. Nintendo Corporation is not only a company that only sells hardware; it also develops its incredible software that is famous world widely.

The Pokemon and Super Mario might be the most well known games of Nintendo. Almost everyone likes playing the game. Nintendo makes these games appear on different generations of its games systems. Before NDS was released, the big fans of Pokemon and Super Mario had already started to expect their favorite games to appear. Nintendo Corporation is an innovative company. It can always bring some new experience to the players. When the Nintendo Dog comes to the market, people are very surprised by this innovative way of playing games! In the game, people can take home an adorable puppy.

Then, people can use the touchscreen, microphone camera of NDS to teach, care and love their own puppies. The amazing game experience makes the game become popular among different generations of the people. Almost everyone wants to buy a Nintendo Dog! Another best selling game is the Brain Age. It is an evolutionary game that makes people practice their brains while playing. At the first time in history, millions of senior people join the customers of Handheld Game Consoles. On another side, PSP might do a poor job in developing its great games.

It has some really popular games such as God of War and Monster Hunter. However, Sony does not have that huge amount of great games, which are at the same competitive level as Nintendo does. Also, a bunch of great games on PSP can also be played on other platforms such as PS3. People are always waiting for the great games of Nintendo. After watching the great battle between PSP and NDS, we can conclude that the games are essentially as important as graphic to a Handheld Game Consoles. The third key reason that why NDS seems more successful than PSP is because of the price.

When the two systems are released, PSP is almost two times more expensive than NDS. Imagine if a father goes to the game store with his son. Will he buy an expensive PSP, or a cheap NDS with a bunch of popular games? Most of the parents will buy NDS for their children. The people who prefer PSP are usually those young people around 18 to 30 who pursue the great graphic experience of the game. These people usually will buy both systems since NDS also has some really great games. Although NDS seems more popular world widely, there are still a lot of PSP fan. They think the PSP is multimedia product.

They can use PSP in different ways. In China, the market is different. PSP is more popular than NDS. Perhaps Chinese appreciate graphic more than the games. In 2011, the next generation of NDS, the Nintendo 3ds was released. This time, Nintendo actually again brought us evolutionary ways of playing games. We can play on a 3D screen! In 2012, the next generation of PSP, the PSVita was also released. Its graphic is almost at same level with PS3’s! This time, the great battle between Sony and Nintendo continues. Who will become the winner? I will say the winner is our customer!