Hammurabi year. The objective of the game

Hammurabi game

Hammurabi the game:

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Hammurabi is the name of a Babylonian king who
codified his laws this is known as the code of Hammurabi. Hammurabi the game is
about ruling a kingdom it is used like a maths equation and to figure out how
to run the kingdom without being overthrown the overall aim of the game is to
keep as much of the population alive as possible by giving them food. You can
increase or decrease the land area depending on the population size and the
price of the land on that turn there are some variables like plagues and rats
which can kill the population and eat the food stores these are inevitable in
order to get a high score once the ten-year term is up you will be judged on
the population to land ratio. If too many people have died by starvation in
your kingdom you will be overthrown and thus lose the game.



My understanding
of the game rules:


game commonly takes place over a 10-year span with each turn equalling 1 year. The
objective of the game is to stay in office for 10 years.

You can
choose to buy or sell land at varying rates as long as you have enough bushels
to buy land with or need to sell land to feed the people.

Each person
can tend the land and you can only tend a certain amount of land depending on
the population you have. (e.g. 1 person can tend to 10 acres of land)

Each acre
of the land also needs bushels so that it can be seeded. (E.g. 1 bushel for 1
acre of land is needed for a crop)

come to your kingdom if they see how good life is and people die of starvation
if you cannot feed them.

You can
be overthrown thus losing the game if too many people die.

The price
of the land fluctuates it can be good/bad to buy/sell it changes from year to

Rats can
eat some of your bushels of grain this can cause big problems and is

is a plague function where much of the population could be wiped out and the
ruler would not be blamed.

You will
be judged on the acreage of land to people ratio to see if you were a good
ruler or not. (e.g. starting with 10 acres per person and ending with 20)


The Basics of how to play:


Try to
feed the majority of the people if a couple die you will not be overthrown but
if too many die you will lose the game.

Try to
keep your people fed by planting the land as long as you have enough people and
enough grain to do so.

If you
end up with an excess of grain you should buy some land and if you do not have
enough grain you should sell some land and hope that the prices are good.

game had a plague function where much of the population could be killed and the
ruler would not be blamed this is good for the user as you can increase your
population to land ratio.

You do
not however want the rats to eat some of your bushels of grain this is very bad
and unavoidable it is just based on luck.

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