Guillermo of lights, shadows and colors and

Guillermo Del Toro best director with his monsters. The best director has been judged by the Mexican Guillermo Del Toro for his The shape of water, the story of the encounter between a mute cleaning woman and a fish man, deity for the Amazonian people and the monster to be exploited for the American government of War cold. The director told how “since childhood I was saved by monsters because they are the mirror of our imperfections.” For 25 years I created small stories made of lights, shadows and colors and in three cases these strange figures really saved my life One of these times is the form of water, these stories are not mere elements in our filmographies, they are part of our life “. And if in the five nominations there was not even a director, the story of Del Toro is also the celebration of a story of female marginality, the one interpreted by Sally Hawkins.

Best comedy is Lady Bird and best actress is Saoirse Ronan. Another female film is Lady Bird by Greta Gerwig, which tells the difficult relationship between a young woman trying to fulfill her dreams and her parents, especially her mother. She was chosen as best comedy and from the stage the director, Greta Gerwig, thanked “Sacramento, the city that gave me roots and wings and led me to be here now”. But not only his protruder, the twenty-three-year-old Saorise Ronan, won the Golden Globe for best actress in a comedy, having the best of experience actresses like Helen Mirren, who ran for the film by Paolo Virzì Ella and John, and Judi Dench. The young actress recalled her mother “who is following me on someone’s face-time phone”.

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Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern awarded for the TV series ‘Big Little Lies’: Mothers are often back in this evening’s Thanksgiving speeches. “My mother was a feminist and thanks to her I am here today – Nicole Kidman was the first to be awarded and from the stage she wanted to greet first of all her daughters, still awake, her mother and sister and then her colleagues Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley and Zoë Kravitz with whom she divided the adventure of the TV miniseries Big Little Lies, which tells the little world of mothers of Monterey who are sharing pain, lies and secrets and together they will face the violence of a man. “We are here to represent the heart of what we tell, or abuse, and I’m sure things will change from now on.” The actress then addressed her husband, singer Keith Urban, a statement love: “When my eyes meet your melts and I call it love.” Even Laura Dern, nominated as best supporting actress, won for Big Little Lies, for her role as Renata “a scandalous woman, terrified because his b ambina has suffered violence and is afraid to raise her voice – said the actress – we have always been told to “do not mess” and instead it is time to improve our children’s lives and teach them that we can raise our voices to denounce violence and abuse without fear of consequences “. A triumph for Big Little Lies who also won as best dramatic miniseries and that, contrary to what originally expected, will have a second season.