Greek Weddings Essay

Greek brides wore traditional wedding veils of yellow or red, which represented fire. These brightly coloured veils were supposed to protect the bride from evil spirits and demons. In ancient Greece, diamonds were considered teardrops of the Gods, and it was believed that a diamond reflected the flames of love, that’s why the diamond on the wedding ring is so common. A Greek bride may carry a lump of sugar on her wedding day to ensure she has a sweet life, or she might carry ivy, as a symbol of endless love. 

A traditional Greek Orthodox marriage includes the celebration of the formal engagement. On the day of the Greek wedding ceremony, the groom asks the bride’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage. The groom’s best man then accompanies the couple to the church, to be married. The best man, along with the priest, is in charge of the ceremony. He places gold crowns or wreathes made of orange blossoms on the heads of the bride and groom. These crowns or wreathes are linked by a silk ribbon. For the rest of their wedding day the newlyweds are honoured as king and queen.

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The traditional Greek wedding reception is usually a huge party and can last through the night. There is feasting, drinking and dancing, which includes the famous Greek circle dance. Dishes are smashed on the floor for good luck. The Greek wedding ritual of breaking plates is believed to have evolved from an ancient custom. In earlier times, newlyweds broke plates in the doorway of their new home, as this was believed to ward off evil spirits. Over the years, the tradition has evolved into the breaking of plates during the wedding reception.

And money is thrown at the musicians. Candy coated almonds, called koufeta are served to the guests as reception party favours. BRIDESMAID’S WRITE THEIR NAME ON THE SOLE OF THE BRIDES SHOE There are so many fun rituals and traditions shared at a Greek Wedding and this is just one of them. At the wedding all of the bridesmaids write their names on the outer sole of the brides shoe and the last name to rub off is the next to get married. Similar to the throwing of the bouquet at a Christian wedding.