Govoice 2013 Essay

Case study 1. 3 Bridgestone Tyres: European marketing strategy Question 1: Make an assessment of the competitive strategies that Michelin, Continental and Goodyear respectively may pursue to strengthen their European market positions. CompetitorsStrategies MichelinMichelin has a Group strategy. It associates with brands such as BF Goodrich, Kléber, Riken, Kormoran, Taurus and Uniroyal. It expands its share outside Europe, particularly in Asia and Latin America.

Michelin has announced in Europe that they want to improve productivity by 20 cent within three years. ContinentalContinental has three different strategies. •It has a multi brand strategy due to the uneven strength of its key brands across Europe. It has 8 main brands. •Part of its global strategy is to increase strength in markets where it is underrepresented. This can be markets like France, Italy, Spain, Asia and the United States. Its main strategy is to develop a position as a complete systems supplier to the automotive industry. GoodyearGoodyear has a multi brand strategy. Their main aims are to maintain itscurrent status by holding a number one or two position in specific markets, keeping up a fast and profitable growth in all core businesses and gaining strategic acquisitions and expansions while being the lowest cost producer on the top three companies

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Question 2: Make an assessment of the alternative competitive strategies that Bridgestone can pursue to strengthen its European market position (you can also include central and Eastern Europe) An alternative strategy for Bridegestone is that they use several different brands to appeal to a larger clientele who have different preferences for different brands of tyres. By this they will gain more ground in the market and make their name.

As seen in question 1, many competitors use a multi brand strategy and are succesfull in various countries. Another strategy is to recycle tires. The European commission’s recommends to recycle tires and in the past few years, the sales of recycled tires has increased to almost 20% of the total sales. Question 3: Give a well-reasoned proposal for criteria to be used by Bridgestone when choosing a market (country) that requires a larger marketing effort (you can also include central and Eastern Europe). When Brid