Google Swot Analysis Essay

Strengths 1. Leading player in the global Internet industry services market(with 60+ percent market shares in both searches performed on computers and searchers performed on mobile devices) 2. The net income is increasing between 2001 and 2009(Exhibit 4, 2001 is $ 6,985. 2005 is $1,465,397and 2009 is $6,520,448. So have strong operating performance) 3. Strong brand image (always placing the interests of the user first,Google has built the most loyal audience on the web. )

4. Strong infrastructure base(have a lot products and services,like G mail,Google desktop, and Google maps ,translation feature that accommodated 51 language,android smart phone,web photo albums,and so on. ) Weakness 1. Too dependent on advertising revenue. (in 2009 google advertising revenue is $22,888,804. and total revenue is $23,650,563. So advertising is nearly 95 percent) 2. Lack of product integration (Company has been focused on launching new products in recent years and less on integrating products i for the end consumer) Opportunities 1. New products & services (Android phone and applications,Google TV) 2.

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Strategic Acquisitions (Google’s multiple acquisitions since its 2004 IPO,2006 Acquisition of YouTube,2008 Acquisition of DoubleClick) 3. provide more services targeted to mobile users(short message service(SMS)feature) 4. Concentrate on growing china market( 64 percent internet searcher in china performed by Baidu, it is a opportunity for google get much more market share) Threats 1. Intense competition from online service( Facebook,Yahoo site(yahoo grow rate increasing rapidly),Microsoft site, ask . com and so on ) 2. Mobile Search(increase in mobile devices and decrease in personal computers could negatively affect search revenues.

Smaller screen resolution can create problems in viewing advertisements) 3. Human Resources(Gates speculated that Google long-term strategy involved the development of web based software applications, so they have strong competition in hiring peoples) 4. Political and low(the Chinese government was able to block search result from Google Hong Kong site ,new policy ended Google’s involvement in china’s censorship practices. To avoid breaking Chinese law prohibiting the distribution of information not authorized by the government. )