Golds Gym Problem Essay

I signed up for a 1 year membership back on 11/1/2008, that was supposed to expire, come up for renewal on 10/31/2009. Despite numerous attempts to cancel service in person at the gym, I was finally forced to send a certified letter to ABC Financial (who the hell are they? ) in order to cancel membership that had already expired. Gold’s Gym, without my consent, put me into a month to month membership even after I told them several times that I did not want to continue my membership. On 2/10/2010 I sent a certified letter to ABC Financial per (Gold’s Gym’s) request telling them I wished to cancel my membership immediately.

I was billed once again on 2/28/2010 for services never agreed to or provided to me even after the receipt of the certified letter had been received by ABC Financial / Gold’s Gym. Thus far Gold’s Gym and ABC Financial have leached over $130 dollars from my account and most recently I was forced to close the account and open a new one in order to stop the automatic debts from occurring. This is a scam and there should be a class action suit filed against both ABC Financial and Gold’s Gym. Content of Certified letter sent on 2/10/2010 ABC Financial / Gold’s Gym, 8320 Hwy 107 PO Box 6800 Sherwood, AR. 2124 I, ***** **** # ****06183 am herby giving formal notification to terminate my membership with Gold’s Gym. Why I still have a membership with Gold’s Gym is beyond my understanding as I had signed up “specifically” for a 1 year membership back in November of 2008 and it should have terminated itself at the end of October, 2009. It is now February 2010 and I am still having funds taken from my account even though I have not used the facilities for several months. At the very least I was expecting that my 1 year membership would formally “expire” and no additional funds would be taken from my account as of October 2009.

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I am very disappointed with the procedure that has been put in place for terminating memberships with Gold’s gym, in fact 24 Hour Fitness in Southern California lost a class action suit for the same type of membership termination practice that you currently employ. The membership termination requirements you desire are “ridiculous” to say the least. I believe this tactic is specifically designed to “stall” in order to unlawfully and unjustifiably withdraw funds from your customer’s accounts.

Why is it now, after making all my payments, in full, on time, in good faith during the entire course of my 1 year membership that I need to send a certified letter to ABC Financial in order to terminate this expired membership? I never had to send a certified letter to activate my membership in the past. In fact, why am I dealing with ABC Financial at all in this matter? Thus far, in an effort to terminate this membership, I have been to the gym itself, redirected to ABC Financial and discussed in detail my desire to have you stop taking funds from my account!

I spoke and explained to an ABC representative that my account should not be being billed seeing as it was a 1 year membership that I agreed to. According to the ABC representative, in order for my account to stop being charged, I must “formally” terminate my membership with you. To do this, I must send a signed notification via certified mail of my desire to cancel an EXPIRED 1 year membership with Gold’s gym. (All of this at my own expense) I believe all of this is overkill compared to what it took to activate my membership in the first place.

Activation of my membership took 30-45 minutes and was done in person at Gold’s gym in Loveland over my lunch hour. No certified letters were ever needed or sent and no calls were ever required or placed to ABC Financial in the past. In fact, I have absolutely no idea who ABC Financial is other than the company that has been stealing funds from my account without my consent since late 2009. Because of the unauthorized transactions on my account, I have been forced to close it and re-setup another account. (All at my own expense) Initially, an automatic payment plan was setup in “good faith” between me and Gold’s gym.

ABC Financial and/or Gold’s Gym have now abused the automatic payment system and have fraudulently continued to withdrawal membership fees from my account without consent or approval. Since the expiration of my membership in October 2009, I have continually been billed for services that I have never received. I never authorized Gold’s Gym or ABC Financial to extend my membership with Gold’s gym and continue charging my bank account without my consent. As far as I am concerned, Gold’s Gym / ABC Financial stole my bank account information and identity over 3 months ago for profit.

I will be sure to let all of my friends (current members of Gold’s Gym and others that have been considering becoming members) know everything I have gone through to stop ABC Financial and Gold’s Gym from automatically and unjustly leaching funds from my account. I will be sure to question other patrons of Gold’s gym in order to find out if they have also been unjustly charged membership fees as I have. In addition, the stance that you have taken in regards to my 1 year membership is despicable. I am sure at the very least the practice you have employed is “class actionable” through the court system.