Glycine into a very smooth texture food


Usseriensis, the first known Chinese record of this bean. It is attributed to
the (mythical Emperor Shen-Nong in 2383 B.C.). But not everyone agrees that
this record is accurate. According to T. Hymowitz in 1970 article in Economy
Botany, stated that soybeans first cultivated about the 11th century BCE. They
were repeatedly referred to in the Shijing, and were called ‘shu’. Anyway,
soybeans were one of the five sacred grains important to Chinese civilization.
The others are rice, wheat and two kinds of millet or sometimes referred to as
millet or barley.


Some historians say that the survival of
China has been possible because of these beans because they particularly high
in protein and in linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that cannot be
synthesized by man. Thus, soybeans are a versatile legume. They are also used
for oil, meal, flour, milk, sauce, sprouts and cheese. The Chinese called the
cheese as ‘dofu’ or ‘doufo’.

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Doufo is made from one of the oldest crops
cultivated by man, the soybean. Its curd or soy cheese is called ‘doufo’. It is
a roduct made by boiling soy milk, adding a precipitating agent such as calcium
sulfate, separating out the precipitate or curds, then finally pressing the
solids into molds which was resulted into a very smooth texture food resembling
and sometimes called cheese. The Japanese commonly call it as ‘tofu’ which
contains highly digestible protein with little carbohydrate.


United States, Americans did not readily adopt soybeans into their diet. They
were available by the middle 1700s and was popularized by Chinese immigrants
traveling to some parts of U.S. like California during the Gold Rush of the
middle 1800s. Later, the Chinese immigrants spread the recipe for tufo as they
traveled other parts of the country. The demand for tufo and other Asian food
also increased after World War II as military personnel returned from Asia,
some with Asian spouses. By the 1900s soybeans were grown as a cash crop
rotation— as a animal feed, and for producing oil and oil-cake residue for
manufacturing purposes. By the 1950s the U.S. would become the largest soybean
producer in the world, providing about two-thirds of the global supply.


time passed by, new products are designed for its use including ice cream. One
brand, ‘Tofutti’ is quite popular. Informants advise that it has been
franchised in Russia, and became both profitable and popular. Yet, the idea of
freezing bean curd is not new. Iced Bean Curd in one of Yuan Mei’s recipes from
the Xi Yuan Cookery Book written near the end of the 18th century. Be aware
that the Iced Bean Curd recipe is meant to be served hot; the ‘doufo’ in its
first frozen.


would have increase their intake of folate, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium,
iron, and fiber if we replaced our meat and dairy intake with soy, including
tofu. Replacing meat and dairy with tofu and other soy products would also
lower our total cholesterol intake by about 125 milligrams per day and our
saturated fat by about 2.4 grams per day(George Matelian Foundation, 2017 )
These nutritional changes in turn, would lower our risk of several chronic
diseases, including cardiovascular diseases.


foods typically contain a wide variety of well-studied phytonutrients. In the
case of fermented soy foods like tofu that has been fermented these
phytonutrients can become more concentrated and more bioavailable as well.


The isoflavones genistein, daidzein, and
glycitein are the isoflavone components of soy protein. These compunds are
structurally similar to the hormone estrogen, also known as phytoestrogens, and
they interact with estrogen receptors in the body. A lot of researchers found
out the isoflavones may be a biologically active component of soy, along with
the soy proteins, that are responsible for the beneficial effects observed
after soy consumption.


Epidemiological studies suggest that regular
consumption of plant-based protein foods reduces one’s risk. For chronic
diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Plant-based foods such as
soy, can provide the body with beneficial agents including vitamins, minerals,
fiber, and flavonoids. Numerous clinical trials have been investigated the
potential of soy to protect against the risk of chronic disease. (Rangel-Huerta
OD, et al., 2015)


A diabetic person has a lot of restrictions
in terms of food intake. Foods that are most likely to be avoided by a diabetic
person would be high content of sugar food products, processed fruit juices,
dried fruits, white rice, bread, pastries, full-fat dairy and packaged snacks.
These food produce and products are likely to be avoided because it can
increase the risk of diabetes. So what is Diabetes? Diabetes is a disease in
which your glucose or blood sugar levels are too high. (National Institute of
Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (2017, 29 December)).


            In the Philippines at least six
Filipinos has diabetes and according to Dr. Augusto Litonjua, president of the
Philippine Center for Diabetes Education Foundation, that it could double or
worst triple in by 2040. (Philippine Daily Inquirer (2016, 13 August)).


            A diabetic person should not
deprive, starve or eat bland and boring foods. For instance a diabetic person
is deprive from eating sweets such an ice cream. Ice cream is a very cold sweet
food which is made from frozen cream or dairy and has flavours such as vanilla,
chocolate or strawberry to name a few. So basically an ice cream is a frozen
cream delight. Its main component is Cream which is a thick yellowish-white
liquid taken from milk.


This study is greatly influenced by Vegan
Diet. Vegan diet is a way of living that attempts to exclude all forms of
animal exploitation and cruelty in any forms. Thus vegan diet avoids all animal
products such as meat, eggs and dairy. Thus making cream out of the picture in
this diet. Vegan diet is highly beneficially to diabetic persons as it helps
avoid foods that can cause risks like cream. So a good substitute to cream will
be Bean Curd or Tofu.


Bean curd or Tofu is made by coagulating soy
milk and then pressing the resulting curds into soft white blocks. It is a good
source of protein and contains all eight essential amino acids. It is also
excellent source of iron and calcium and the minerals manganese, selenium and
phosphorus. Also, Bean Curd is a good source of magnesium, copper, zinc and
vitamin B1.


             Bean Curd has so many health benefits but the
only downside with this is that its taste doesn’t appeal to most consumers.
Thus making bean curd as ice cream is a solution not just to entice the
consumers but also give the sensation to diabetic patients the taste and
feeling of satisfaction with ice cream.


            Bean Curd is ice cream is a process
that involves only with blending bean curd with natural coco sugar. Its product
will be a silky smooth ice cream like texture. With this we can add natural
flavouring such as vanilla, fruits, green tea and nuts. Enjoy deliciously creamy ice cream completely free of dairy with tofu ice cream. A bean curd ice cream,
the soft tofu replaces
the milk and cream elements
of a standard ice cream for
a sweet treat that is lower in fat and higher in protein.


this, imagine ice cream that it is not bad for you, without the sugar, fats and
cream. Bean curd ice cream is healthier than its normal counterparts, due to
the dietary restriction on vegan diet. Bean curd ice cream has less sugar and
fat since it is based on non-dairy compared to normal dairy ice cream. There
are several reasons why bean curd ice cream is a great substitute to the
regular ice cream. First it is a good ice cream for lactose intolerance persons
because its dairy free and they can enjoy it with no consequences. Also, bean
curd ice cream is allergen free, it is gluten free thus it is safe for most
people to enjoy.


            Bean Curd Ice Cream is a delectable
delight for anyone searching for a great tasting treat without too much sugar,
fats, cholesterol and has many benefits for the body. It provides you with a
great amount of protein and nutrients that you cannot get from regular ice