Gilbert Grape Essay

What scene made the biggest impression on you? Why? I really liked the scene when Becky convinced Arnie to go down in the water whit her. It showed Gilbert that Arnie isn’t a lost case. Gilbert is has never lost faith in Arnie, but before the scene whit the water Gilbert had lost a bit of his faith in Arnie and I think that showed him on the right path again. I think it is also the scene when he felt something for Becky for the first time.

What role does Gilbert have in the family? Has he taken the role voluntarily or was it forced on him? What is expected of Gilbert from his family? He is playing the father role. And it was expected of him when his father died. So you can say it was forced on him. Gilbert’s job is to mainly take care of Arnie And also bring in the money to the house. Meeting Becky changes Gilbert’s life. How? What does she inspire in him?

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I think that she inspired him to see that there is a life for him at the place he is in and that doesn’t need to move away to find a place where he belong. She made him feel like he was in the right place. When Becky asks what Gilbert wants, he asks for things for everyone but himself. What is the detriment of caring exclusively for others? Is this a noble attitude? He doesn’t see what’s best for him or he doesn’t care. And I think it’s quite noble to do so, think of others be for himself.

But I also think it’s important to do things for one self. There is a lot of shame and guilt in the Grape family. How is shame and guilt different? Should they feel guilt or shame for any reason? What is the effect of these feeling on the family? Shame is something I think I am. Guilt is something I think I do. For example: Guilt says I’ve made a mistake; shame says I am a mistake. And the effects are, if we take Gilbert as an example. He felt guilt for his father’s death and that made him to take the papa role in the house.