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Geographic Information System (GIS) is drafted to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and present all types of geographical data. Geography is the key word for the system software, which illustrates that the information that determine the geographic location of characteristics, features and boundaries on Earth. GIS is the connection of data with geography and understanding how it relates to other things. The four primary functions of GIS is to Create the geographic data , mange it , analyze it and display it on the a map. The GIS Mapping technology helps to build maps and graphic displays of geographic information foe analysis and presentation.  GIS is proved to be beneficial for the visualization of spatial data (is also known as geospatial data which identifies the geographic location (system, (n.d.).).The features of GIS usually organize as points, lies areas, or raster images. In the map of city, the roads are shown as lines, boundaries as area, scanned maps are saved as a raster images.


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GIS has a great importance in almost every industry and it is used globally used in many areas. It is quite useful in business as it provides the specific information according to their need. Here are some points which show why it is important for the business.

Geographic information system is utilized in various regions such as in science, business, retail organizations to make maps, even it is used by NASA for finding more about Mars. Moreover, it is being utilized more in business. Mobile network provider is major industry that has been looking for the principle advantages of GIS. It is stated in the article written by (Azaz) that in spite of the fact it has been utilized for quite a long time in the natural resources, forests, and environmental enterprises, recently it has been used aggressively in business. It can enable a retail business to find the best site for its next store. It helps in increasing sales by target advertising. GIS enables to see, comprehend, question, translate, and picture information in ways essentially unrealistic in the lines and sections of a spreadsheet. (L, 2011) Furthermore, with information on a guide more inquiries can be generated. The prospect client can ask where, why, and how. The main significance of GIS is that it is the best technique for cost investment funds. It is used to expand support calendars and everyday activities.

 GIS is likewise noteworthy in using sound judgment about area. Best cases of better basic leadership including land site determination, course choice, security. GIS based maps and originations extraordinarily support in understanding conditions and furthermore it is a kind of dialect that enhance correspondence between various groups, divisions, organizations. Every association have a commitment to keep all records. GIS assumes an extremely critical part in dealing with all records with full exchanges and revealing devices. It is getting to be noticeably fundamental to understanding what is occurring and what will occur in geographic space. It likewise sees how to succeed geologically and how to revamp the way associations run. (Dan, 2016)

Uses of GIS in various business

Insurance: with the help of GIS mapping technology it is easy to locate the risk assessment, quotes, claims and the, cost importantly the client network. The insurance companies can figure out the area’s opportunity and risk which eventually helps them flourish their business. Apart from this they can improve marketing campaign, distribution and customer service. In Florida, citizen property insurance uses ArcGIS software for response. (esri, (n.d.).)

Retail: retail can be beneficial with the GIS mapping technology because their main focus is on sale and the right location is like a “cherry on cake” the mapping technology helps them to boost their sales growth. The GIS provides the accurate and quick information helps them to take the decision regarding the site selection, marketing and product assortment. (Esri, (n.d.).)

Real Estate: real estate business has a great importance of GIS mapping because it all depends upon the location as they are selling the location with construction. The real estate companies know that the they can only be successful if they have all the related information of location, which helps them to understand better, what are the factors which helps them to increase their growth and have a competitive advantage.

Manufacturing: the geographical information helps the manufacturing companies to be more innovative and constructive and apart from this would help them to decrease the risk as the some of parts are suitable for certain type of construction and last it would help them to increase the market share.

Media and Entertainment: GIS provide the whole information about the events all over the world where the certain things are going on. The media and entertainment use this data and make specific story how, when and where it happens. The media helps the people to bring the world near to customers.

Supply chain: GIS is used to track vehicles, inventory and equipment in real time with ease which helps the business to streamline deliveries, cut cost and improve customer services. This technology helps to boost the efficiencies and lead to faster more reliable deliveries to customers. (business, (n.d.).)