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Generally nature can define as the phenomena of the physical world, which includes plants, animals, geological process, and weather. The term is often used as “natural environment” but when it refer as “human nature” then it’s define as the way of thinking, feeling and acting that are common to most people.

In the story of the lamp at noon, the author has portrayed nature, both- natural environment as well as human nature. The story take place in the rural area which is prairie farm located outside of the town. The story is about a family living in a farm during dust storm. Due to dust depression took place and family had to face hardship, isolation and loneliness. The dust blocked off the sunlight which cause lamp to be lit in noon so they can see each other. Ellen, Paul and unnamed baby are main characters of the story. Ellen is a middle aged woman around her mid 20’s, a wife of a framer and a loving mother. Paul is a thirty year old farmer and a father. The dust storm created constant worry, poor health condition and tension between Paul and Ellen. Thorough out the story Ellen described as a determined and remains consisted on her decision to leave the farm and moved back to her father place in a city, because she loves her child and thought about betterment of entire family. On the other hand, Paul described as stubborn and selfish. He doesn’t want to leave his farm, because of his dream and passion for farming. He believed that his dream is achievable and that lead him to be blind on the truth acknowledge by his wife. The dust creates separation in their marriage life but Ellen tried to convince Paul whenever she got chance. And she got that chance when Paul came to home in light of lamp, so light creates hope in Ellen. At the end of story, Paul realised that he can’t able to feed his family and animals. But it was too late for him because his son smothered by dust and died. The lacks of communication and pride have taken their child.

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In the story of dancing bear, the author has portrayed most about “human nature”. When a person become old and unable to do things in daily routine, he/she has to remain dependent on other and their lives become narrowing and they have no freedom on their demand. A bear represent as a symbol of strength and might. But when it caged and performed as entertainment, it consider as inferior and helpless. The same situation has occurred to Dieter Bethge, an old man who has difficulties to controlling his bladder. He is emotionally weak and often forgot things happened around him. Mrs.Hax is a nurse and care-taker of Dieter, who is appointed by Dieter son. In the story, Dieter often tried to get rid of Mrs.Hax, but he is not able to do so. The room represent as Dieter’s mind and when he looks himself inside the room, he dreams about his past life. When he and his father used to be a hunter and hunt bear which are lower and incapable than human. Dieter now feels like bear having incapability as being treated by Mrs.Hax. In a dream, when he saw a violinist abused the bear, he compares himself with a bear and violist as Mrs.Hax and feels that he has no freedom and always treated as a lower and insignificant person.

Canada is ranked 8th safest country to live in. According to the 2017 GPI(Global Peace Index), which is published by the institute for economics and peace, Canada ranks 8th among 163 countries around the world. The study referred to a Global Peace Index, which used 23 factors to rank countries on their level of safety and peace. Some of the factors include homicides, crime rates, level of terrorism and internal deaths. And Canada has lower score on homicide rates and internal conflicts. Weather can be harsh sometimes, but humans have instinct of survival. So Canada is a safe country to live in.