Gangsterism Essay

Questions for Ex-Gangsters: At what age did you join gangsterism? What are the things that you were involved in your days as a gangster? To what extent were you involved in gangsterism? What are the reasons that influenced you into joining gangsterism? Do you consider social influence as a most important element that prompted you into joining gangsterism? There are mainly 3 categories of gangsters in Malaysia-Triad gangs, Thug gangs and school hooligans. Which category do you identify yourself with?

Did gangsterism solve your problem(s) or was they any benefits obtained from joining gangsterism? What were the consequences of joining gangsterism? Was there a price to pay? How do people (non gangster) look at you as a gangster especially your family members, relatives and friends? What made you quit gangsterism and how did you get out of gangsterism? Are you easily accepted by the local community as an ex-gangster? Have you regretted that you have joined gangsterism? If yes, why? What advice do you have for teenagers nowadays, in term of staying out of gangsterism?

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In your opinion, what actions should be taken in curtailing and curbing gangsterism? 5. 2. Question for Policeman: Gangsterism is widely discussed as a social issue in Malaysia. How is the current condition compared to 5 years and 10 years ago? What is your perception(s) towards this issue? Who are likely to get involved in gangsterism? At what age teenagers are vulnerable or easily influenced into joining gangsterism? Of the many gangsters who were caught by the police, what sort of background do they come from?

What are the steps taken by the authorities in curbing this issue? What are the laws that are enacted in relation to this issue? Such as penalizing the gangsters who breached the law and regulations. What else do you think the police force: Crime Prevention Foundation and Government could do to curb this issue? Share with us some of your experiences in dealing with gangsters. What are the advices you would like to convey to the younger generation who has the thought of joining gangsterism?