Frontline Essay

As the world constantly changes, education is becoming more intertwined with business, rather than the education of our students. For-Profit schools are more about recruiting students for their own benefit to make a quick buck while inevitably destroying the foundation of education. One prime example of a for-profit school is The University of Phoenix, one of the largest colleges in the U. S. with enrollment approaching half a million students. Wall Street could not be happier.

As I viewed the video clip, College Inc. what really stood out to me was the marketing techniques’ being used to deceive students and loans representing a mortgage payment. John Sperling, who was frustrated by the limitation of traditional academe, founded the University of Phoenix in 1976. He created a network of schools by the freeway to grasp attention. In 2008, The University of Phoenix spent $130 million on ads. In some instances, the university spends more dollars towards marketing than they actually spend towards education. Simply put, the school spends more money on advertising education than providing an actual education.

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It seems like they’d say anything to you to get you to attend the school. A former enrollment counselor stated, “They used to tell us, you know, ‘Dig deep. Get to their pain. Get to what’s bothering them. So, that way, you can convince them that a college degree is going to solve all their problems. ” These for-profit colleges mislead the gullible, who often cannot get into more established schools, into thinking that a glamorous career in nursing, culinary arts, or fashion design is just a few classes away.

There is no cost to the student, as he borrows from the government. College admissions exists for a reason, they select individuals who apply to a school based on scores, recommendations, and sometimes even interviews. However at schools like The University of Phoenix, students are being recruited to attend. One way they recruit is by using telemarking, calling prospective candidates via telephone and telling them that all it takes is a few classes to earn a degree, get a job and pay back the loan, simple as that.

However, it is not as simple as they claim; paying back loans is not an easy task. I disagree with the whole idea of schools becoming more about business than the education of students. I believe they are taking advantage of people, even though students are not forced into attending these schools; they are being tricked into it. The quality of education that these students receive does not match the dollar amount that they are investing in their education; it is far less.

Nursing students from these schools receive their pediatrics training at day cares and much of their other training in nursing homes while students from other school are trained in hospital environment. This lack of training and experience makes it nearly impossible to find jobs in the specified field, which makes the degree, seem worthless. Nowadays it’s all about business and profits. Universities shouldn’t just recruit anyone. Individuals are no longer being accepted based on hard work and grades.

Now it’s all about recruiting for a profit, not for an education. People are given false hope and foolishly take out loans that they can’t pay back because they can’t acquire a job due to the fact that they did not receive proper training or a solid education. Spending more money on promoting the school than the education a student gets from that university is a major problem. Taking out loans and going into debt for a school that can’t even provide for them in the end is a waste of time and money.