Frantz topic I’ve seen in the past

Frantz Fanon’s “The
Wretched of the Earth” discusses the complicated movement against
colonialism. A crucial idea throughout the book is that decolonization is unfortunately
always a violent process that is held by and also challenged by force. Fanon was an advocate for violence to be used to
regain control by the colonized to gain back their self-respect. The colonizers
have created a world that defines their superiority over the colonized, and to
ultimately liberate the colonized must revolt. He explains the complexity of
the process, and how even after the revolution is won there is still much work
to be done to create free states. He argues that when it comes to liberation, everyone
has a part to play and finding that balance between all of them can often lead
to power struggles and sometimes even the reference back to colonialism. (Fanon, 1961).

honestly had a very difficult time understanding this topic, as well as I’m
still slightly struggling to fully understand it so please bare with me here. I
think in regards to today in this day and age the most relevant movement to
this topic I’ve seen in the past few years would be the black lives matter.
Although I personally think all lives matter, as we spoke about in class it
brought the attention to a specific marginalized group of people that are
facing an oppressive situation. The police in a sense would play the part of
the colonialists, and the blacks as the natives. The police feel superior and
have established a world that fits their ideology, and now with so many deaths
caused by the police the blacks are finally taking a stance against to regain
power. The trouble with this though is you can’t destroy the police system but
simply reform it in hopes there is a middle ground found which I don’t know is
entirely possible. In addition, the blacks fighting back only make the
situation more escalated and violent. So in essence I think Fanon’s movement
does still holds much relevance today and is just as complicated. 

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