Food of water, critical climate changes (Bawa

is basic need to live life but the sources of food is decreasing because of
land pollution and other factors. Hence, people are starting new invention of
food among them Genetically modified food (GMF) is produced by Genetic engineering techniques.  GMF is the modified food from the two or more organism
that had changes of them DNA. It have some benefits and more risks. There are certain facts which show that,
GMF have some advantages. Firstly, it can be beneficial for farmers and secondly,
provides some nutrition to human. However, there are major other factors which
shows that, the disadvantages of genetically modified food because it is
dangerous for environment and human health. Therefore, this essay will argue
that GMF is not good for global environment because of it harmful for both
nature and human life.


It is true that, some aspects show the
benefits of genetically modified food. Firstly, there are some pros for farmers.
For example, GMF is boon for farmer who land or soil is not fertilize because
genetically engineered food or crops can be grown at land which leading
to a shortage of water, critical climate changes (Bawa & Anilakumar 2012). According to Ayres (2011), GM crops
increase yields. Hence, farmers more gain to sell and higher profits. In
addition, it gains through the long time about years 1996 through 2008 were
more than $50 billion in the United States but across 2008  the world might have been very nearly 30
million metric tons for every last one of two real GM products such as soybean,
maize. Those total yield pickup for those a long time 1996 through 2008 might
have been more than 167 million tons for results which intends these crops
could make sold in a great deal a greater amount prudent costs. Another
advantage is GM food provides some nutrition. researchers
at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Institute for Plant Science need a
made strain of golden rice holding a high content of beta-carotene or vitamin A
and what’s more arrangements were underway will create Brilliant rice that also
need expanded iron content (Verma et al 2011) .Freeze (2009) reports that
Indian government would approved the release within 6months of a GM potato with
30% more protein over original. Indeed, GM potatoes with, say, 3% protein might
just bring an portion a greater amount protein over boiled Brussels sprouts and
it would be more expensive to grow and buy. In concluding, the use of GM food
decrease the poverty in the word and provides the vitamins and nutrition to
some extent.

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However, another view that merits more
consideration is the negative aspects relating to the genetically modified
food. One disadvantage is that the GMF is dangerous for the environment. For
example ,GM plants have negative effects on birds, insects, worms, bees and
fish which are not pests (WHO and USDA cited in Arya 2013). In addition, after
the use of genetically modified organism persist even after harvest. This can
cause instability, loss biodiversity and increase chemicals use in agriculture
(Arya 2013).One example, this is African plants taste a thousand times sweeter
than sugar because of pollen organisms from Bacillus thuringiensis(Bt) corn which
produced high mortality rates to monarch butterfly (Verma et al. 2011). The
second drawback is, there are health issues which is related to the GMF. It can
potentially cause the liver damage, study on rats fed one type of Monsanto’s corn
produced Bt toxin and effected on livers of rats. Moreover, Rabbits fed while
similar soy showed the altered enzyme production in their level as well (Verma
et al. 2011). Additionally, there is a lot of uncertainty and concern about
GMF. According to Hwang et al. (cited in Cost-Font et al. 2008) American said
they are worried about pesticide and artificial growth hormones in GMF followed
by antibiotics, genetic modification and irradiation chemicals. Clearly, there
are serious risk of GM food both for human health and natural environment.



Thus, although genetically modified food
can beneficial for farmers to some extent and can give some nutrition. However,
the negative outcomes more serious. GMF cause 
impact on biodiversity, groundwater and create allergic reactions. First
of all, the GMF can change the biodiversity and the wild spices are in dangers.
For example, the US farmers have refined the herbicide-resistance crop
varieties and  genetically modified
organism soybeans permit the herbicide crop which is reduce the pesticide, pollute
surface, groundwater and harm wildlife (Yang & Chang 2015). Additionally,
Wong and Chang (2016) noted that, GM organisms give more impact on environment
compare to human because of reduction of biodiversity  GM technology produce huge monocultures which
reduce biodiversity. Allied to the GMF create genetic hazards and allergic
reaction from human. An example,

. Verma et al. (2011) reports that in
the US and Europe have developed life threading allergies to peanuts and other
food and possibly that  introduce a gene
into a plant may create a new allergen or cause an individual reaction in
susceptible individuals; the Brazil nuts into soybeans was abandoned because of
the fear of causing unexpected allergic reactions. Although, some argue show
that it is harmful for farmers. First and for most, Klumper and Qaim (2014)
argue, the private company charged higher of GM seeds so apart from the cost is
probably more than the usual cost for farmers. Yet, the GMF seeds are expensive
than traditional farming method. According to Lisowska (2011), the farming of
genetically modified crops is harmful impact on pesticides because Genetically
modified organisms (GMOs) contains one of two or both types of modification
such as resistance to herbicide spraying or ability to produce bacterial
pesticide. Additionally, the abnormalities and fertility problems can created
by herbicides like Roundup. Maghari and Ardekani (2011) noted that genetically
modified soya provides more nutrition but food borne disease created from soya
allergies and it have increased more than the past 10 years in USA and UK and
epidemic of Morgellons disease in the US and they are also reports on hundreds
of villagers and cotton handlers who developed skin allergy in India. Worldwide
reports o allergies to all kinds of foods, particularly nuts, fish and
shellfish, seem to be increasing but  it
is not known if it reflects a genuine change in the risk of allergy. However,
the  review of allergy journal review of
2005is results from allergen testing of current GM foods stated that no biotech
proteins in foods to be cause allergic reactions(Verma et al. 2011). In
summary, this evidence shows that, there are major drawbacks of GMF such
as environment  effects human health
issue compare to its benefits like beneficial for farmers and give some nutritional.