Following Years and KS1 (with QTS) BA

Following my visit to…….. ,
I would like to apply for the position of a …….. teacher. From the outset of my
visit, I felt a sense of community, supportiveness and happiness, which is an
environment I wish to contribute to and believe I would thrive in as I commence
my teaching career.


As far as I can remember, I have always aspired to become a teacher and
work with children on a regular basis. Being able to nurture and guide children
through the first stages of their lives is what thrives me to work in this
profession.  I can put my own motivation
and determination into playing an important part of the next generations
learning journey. I want the responsibility to
prepare children for their future and this is why Early Years is a passion of

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I am currently studying PGCE Primary Early Years and
KS1 (with QTS) BA (Hons), at
Newman University. Undertaking modules such as ‘Enquiry Based Learning’ allowed
me to identify how different theories such as Montessori’s approach to learning
has shaped Early Years.

Throughout my degree, I have
had the opportunity to teach in a range of settings and across the different
key stages. During my first placement, I taught in a two-form entry in
Reception. Throughout SE1 I used variety of teaching styles to engage and
motivate the children for example whilst teaching the story ‘Whatever Next!’ as
a class we created a storyboard and then acted out the story with actions. This
approach allowed the children to not only remember the story but also
influenced their independent writing. I have built effective yet professional
relationships with children from a variety of backgrounds and needs and ensured
that I differentiate learning to support and meet the needs of all individuals.
For example I had to cater for children with mixed range of abilities ensuring
all children were challenged but improving their knowledge and understanding. I have developed a robust system of recording the children’s
achievement through observation, assessment, target setting and online
‘Learning Journeys’
(through 2simple). As I progress onto my
next school placement I hope to further my knowledge of assessment within Key
Stage 1.

Whilst attending University
it has given me several opportunities to continue my professional development
and extend my knowledge by attending an array of courses including Safeguarding
and CEOP training.


As I progress onto my final
school placement, I will be partaking in cooking as an extra curricular
activity. . Running my own extra-curricular club is an interest of mine, which
I would aspire to do during my role. I ensure that I attend playground duties,
along with attending staff meeting and staff training. For example whilst on
placement I attended training on ‘Maths – No Problem!’, which enhanced my
mastery maths subject knowledge.


Prior to starting my PGCE, I studied Education Studies BA (Hons) at the University of Worcester, which allowed me to explore different
aspects of education that I found enjoyable. I developed my understanding of
education, EYFS and the national curriculum, whilst developing my ability to
apply theoretical perspectives to my own experiences in the classroom, for
example observation tasks. The modules allowed me to explore and examine a
range of theories, concepts and strategies within the education spectrum such
as how the 2014 Primary National Curriculum provides personalised learning, so
children reach their full potential as learners.


My teaching
ethos is to make learning as fun, engaging and interactive for children and at ………
I feel I can excel at this. My vision for the EYFS curriculum is of a school day that consists of a
balanced mix of adult directed and child initiated play, and has free flow
between the outdoors and indoors. My aim as a teacher is to assist each child
to develop their learning through personal interests and create an exciting and
enriching curriculum that interests the children. My continuous monitoring,
evaluating, reviewing and assessing of pupil progress inform the direction of
my future teaching, any actions that need to be acted upon and fuel my
planning. It is important to value children’s work at their own level, and
encourage them to view themselves as ‘successful learners’ as they achieve
their personal targets.

The learning
environment should reflect a classroom where both the teachers and the children’s
time are used effectively. I always ensure that the children know how to access
the resources and respect their use. I also ensure that the children have a
clear understanding of my instructions and expectations before the start of
each session. I believe that children learn best when they are enjoying
themselves, are interested, motivated and achieving. Within this, it is
necessary that their learning style has been met, and that behaviour management
is being utilised correctly and effectively.


During my experience to date, I have
demonstrated that I am a dynamic, positive and hard-working individual with a
lot to offer to teaching. For three years I
worked as a teaching assistant in Foundation Stage at a Primary School.
Throughout this time I worked 1:1 with an autistic chiId for a year where my
job role included: supporting the child through social activities, liaising
with the parents, using a visual timetable and delivering an individual
education plan. I have also delivered, planned and resourced Speech and
Language Intervention to children at different levels and attended courses on
Speech and Language. I have observed and experienced many different styles of
teaching and have been able to incorporate effective practice into my own cover
teaching in the classroom, for example during my teaching of maths and phonics
lessons.  I believe that one of the most
important attribute of any teacher is the ability to learn from others, and so
while I feel I have much to offer in terms of inspiring others, I also strive
to be part of a staff team where each and every person can inspire through
sharing ideas and high-quality practise.


Throughout my school
experience, I have developed a range of effective behaviour management
strategies to ensure children are on task and actively engaged in their
learning. This skill has been identified throughout many of my teaching observations
to date; my mentors and tutors have consistently noted my high expectations of
behaviour and the different techniques I implement throughout my teaching. I am
willing to experiment with new behaviour strategies to establish which is most
effective and efficient for the class that I am teaching. For example in my
EYFS setting placement I found some children were losing interest on the carpet
during learning time and started misbehaving. I brought in the method of using
a tambourine to re-engage them into their learning.


My main hobby is Girl Guiding; I am a Brownie
and Rainbow Leader at a local unit. I have been volunteering for six years and
during this time my relationship; leadership and teamwork skills have
significantly improved. As a leader I have the capacity to be creative,
imaginative, energetic and enthusiastic and I believe these are skills that I
can use in the teaching profession. Being outdoors is a passion of mine and
having completed all levels of Duke of Edinburgh Award and the BELA Award, I
have progressed to become a Silver and Gold Leader. Participating in the scheme
allows me the ability to work with others through teamwork as well as
encouraging and motivating the children.


Through the exploration of some of the factors that impact upon
children, I have developed an appreciation of the interactive process between
the individuals, the teacher, the educational setting and the wider society. I
believe all of my attributes, knowledge and my ability to relate to young
children will help me to succeed in this profession and at ……. School.