First Ali Rehman Khan and Shafqat Cheema

Pakistani film “Parchi” to hit Saudi theatres


New Year brings good news for Pakistan’s film making industry as Pakistan has
now also made its mark in the Saudi cinema. Parchi has been selected as one of
the first few movies that will be screened in the Saudi cinemas after the ban
making it the first ever Lollywood movie to be released in the kingdom of Saudi

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cinema industry is enjoying an impressive phase of renaissance. Gone are those
days and times when audience would visit cinemas and theaters only to Hollywood
or Bollywood flick. Now, our new-age movies have gleefully snatched their
limelight, recording a glorious growth of 70% as compared to the international
releases in the nation like Bol, Na Maloon Afraad, Actor in Law etc


almost 35 years, the ban on cinemas in Saudi Arabia has finally been lifted by
the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman in order to make the country open up to
more modern ideas and to re-establish cinemas and filmmaking. This also gives
the chance to the expatriates living in Saudia to watch their country’s movies
in cinemas.


is an action packed comedy film with Hareem Farooq, Ali Rehman Khan and Shafqat
Cheema playing as the lead roles and the leads declared this release in Saudia
as a conservative Saudi on a shift. The story of the movie revolves around how
a gangster called “Madam Sahab” which is played by Hareem Farooq helps out 4
friends who are in trouble. The story also has a romantic aspect to it as we
can see from the trailer that later on, Hareem falls for either Ali or Usman.


the release of its fun-filled trailer, the movie has already made waves
globally with its on point humor, brilliant cinematography and splendid music.
One of its songs, “Billo Hai” has already reached 3.2 million views and has
been well received by the masses. “Billo Hai” of Parchi is literally being played
in every other Pakistani wedding at the moment, the kind of limelight it has received
is out of the box; this also gives an idea how far lollywood has come to.


film also stars Ahmed Ali Akbar, Usman Mukhtar, Faizan Sheikh, Mojiz Hasan and
Faiza Saleem among other actors.


lead star of the movie, Hareem Farooq said, “It’s
a great honor for us that our movie has been selected for Saudi theaters,
moreover it is clear evidence that now Pakistani movies are attracting
international cinemas.”

Farooq, the co-producer of the movie said, “We
feel honored and proud that we are among the first, it’s pretty exciting and it
is quite an achievement.” He further added that, “I
think it is proved that Pakistani cinema has international appeal, it shows
that we are on the right track and that we do have a great future. We always
want to put Pakistan on the global map in a good light that is what we work