Fighting Against School Uniforms Essay

Extracurricular activities are not just some silly thing students do just because, they have a lot of meaning and purpose to most who are really engaged in one. Extracurricular Activities are a lot more than a class or something to do. They create a person, they bring out that person and they give that person the opportunity to go somewhere with what they do best. Eliminating extracurricular activities would make schools more boring. Some students don’t enjoy school the most anyway so if you take away activities they will just not like it even more.

Extracurricular activities bring out a persons personality and make them who they are. If schools took away football for example what would those boys do. Football is a great example of how an extracurricular activity makes up a persons personality. Football builds a great amount of confidence in a person. It gives them a boost in their self-esteem, it makes boys feel as if they are capable of anything. Most extracurricular activities require you to keep your grades up and your GPA looking good, so students who participate and who want to stay involved, work hard on their grades.

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Most sports/clubs require much practice and competition time so if extracurricular activities were eliminated most students would go home, watch television and eat. They would not care for their grades because they wouldn’t have anything to work for, They wouldn’t be as physically healthy and they really just wouldn’t care anymore. Extracurricular activities give students a better sense of competition and desire for everything they want and anything they do. Some students are not prepared for college.

They are not educationally ready, they’re not socially ready and they have a very low chance of getting into a good college. If these same students are involved in school activities they would have a higher chance of becoming successful. As students become more involved they meet more people. Students create a bond with their team and as they get older they tend to want to stay with their team. They are willing to work hard in school to keep their grades up and not get kicked off their team.

Their team also depends on them, they’re considered family and you need everybody in that family to work their hardest and do their part to succeed. If they fail their classes and get kicked of the team and that team needs them to compete then the individual themselves failed the team and let them down. Being involved is a major motivator to everyone. Students are more likely to graduate with all credits senior year and most likely get scholarships and acceptance letters from colleges they apply to.

People everyday are entertained by games, debaters, spelling bees, plays, movies, etc. Almost everything that appears on television or on the radio or in theaters and Oprah houses once started as just an extracurricular activity. Millions of things we see daily were once just a hobby or activity that person used to do. Actors are not performing in movies and plays because they enjoyed keyboarding class. Professional volleyball players are not on a professional team because they liked adding numbers together.

Everybody does something different based on their personality, or what they were interested with as a child/teen. If boys and girls were not able to play sports because there was no sports program there would be no Superbowl or Olympics. If students were not able to take acting classes we wouldn’t have the best of movies to watch. If students couldn’t take sewing and design then our clothes wouldn’t be as great as they are to this day. If all schools contained just required classes and no involvement in extra activities our world would not be as diverse and exciting as it is today.

Everyone gets so worked up over events like the Superbowl, the world cup, Olympics, concerts or even American idol, but what we don’t understand is that every one of those people started off just signing up for something as a kid just like average students today. People like celebrities, pro athletes, authors, entertainers, etc. all started off as a child in school taking the classes they loved most and being amazing in it. With how this world is and the advances in technology and how everybody wants the cool new electronics and needs to be entertained by who’s playing that day, Our world would go crazy without extracurricular activities