Fences Essay

October 25, 2012 English 200 Personal Fences In every person, there is always going to be personal “fences” that make you nestle into certain habits and ways. To some people, fences are built to keep their loved ones safe and close to them. Much like Rose in the story “Fences”. To other people fences are to keep people out, and push them away. Much like the personal fences that Troy has built over his lifetime. Fences can affect you in different ways, but for Troy it was mostly negative.

In the play “Fences” Troy has many personal fences of his own, but the most debilitating one is his upbringing because it causes him to be a bad father and husband. Troy’s personal fence, being his upbringing really effected who he was as a father. Stepping in the same path as his own father, he is responsible but he is also inconsiderate emotionally. Because Troy was raised in an extremely racist time, his views on things are hazed and he refuses to see other wise. Troy’s relationship with his son Cory isn’t very stable.

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In Act One, Cory is ecstatic because he’s been selected for a college football scholarship. Like his father, Cory loves sports, and this is a good chance to go to college. Troy is against Cory going off to play football. One of the greatest events that set Troy back in his upbringing is that he wasn’t allowed to play pro baseball. Even though he was a homerun king, he couldn’t graduate to the majors because of racial discrimination. Troy refuses to let Cory play football, claiming that he doesn’t want Cory to suffer from the same sort of heartache that he did.

What he doesn’t understand is that times have changed, things aren’t the way that they were when he was younger and he cannot accept that. He completely dismisses any points that prove him wrong. There are even famous black baseball players at this time, and Troy still dismisses it saying that he still wont let his son “get hurt” playing sports and that the white man won’t let him get anywhere with it anyway. Troy’s upbringing may have also influenced how he acts as a husband towards Rose.

If Troy would have had a decent role model of a father, or a how a husband or wife should be than he would have treated Rose with much more respect. He would have not had an affair with Alberta. Also when he says that he wouldn’t give Alberta up because he likes that he doesn’t have any responsibility with her. It all shows signs of being a bad husband. Troy may know that Rose can not physically leave him, because she is old fashioned and sticks by her husband. He is also her only support, she couldn’t just walk out the door because she has nowhere to go to.

If Troy was a better man he would have taken better care of Rose, and appreciated her as the faithful, honest loving wife that she is. His personal fences bring him down to being a bad husband. At first Troy’s character seems like a good man, a respectable father and husband that takes care of his family, but later in the story it become apparent that Troy has many personal fences holding him back from life. Holding him back from being a good father and husband. The biggest personal fence Troy has to go through his life with is his upbringing.