Family Influence on Language Skills Essay

There are several ways and ideas where a child may learn their langiuage skills from. Some may say through peers or family. According to Amy Tan in ‘Mother Tongue’ she talks about how she struggled in English but excelled in Math in Science. Tan believes that living in a family of immigrants with simple language skills effected her ability with English growing up. I agree with Amy Tan that our family has a greater effect in our language skills. Our parents, siblings and extended family has more influence on our language skille because as a child we spend more time with them and learn from their ability.

From ages one to four children from highly verbal families hear nearly three times as many words per week as children from low verbal families. The parent of a toddler enhances his or her child’s language development based on the child’s environment. Social interactions between parent and child further develop the child’s understanding of language. If the parent doesn’t have a high education level and speaks with limited vocabulary, the child will only learn the vocabulary the parents speak to them with. Being able to travel broadens a child’s awareness of the world beyond home and will help enhance a child’s development.

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Living in a family with a low income, means a child won’t be able to get out of their home environment to learn different things in the world. As a child I spent the majority of my time with my mother. Spending more of my time as a child with my mother is where I learned the majority of my skills from. My father was always working to help support our family. My mother’s limited vocabulary due to lower education level effected my abilities to achieve higher scores in English. I didn’t learn the extended sentences or words because my mother didn’t have that knowledge to teach me.

My mother had a learning disability which didn’t help me much. As children we our taught what our parents know and how they were raise. My father wasn’t close to his father which made it difficult for him to have a close relationship with me. The lack of learning activities with my family and playing some type of recreational game was a cause for me not being able to communicate with others. Spending time with our siblings and extended family will also influence our skills. our siblings know what our parents teach us as well.

If our extended family isn’t educated and is low income there is no way to learn capabilities among theirs. Being a child from one to four years we don’t yet attend school or have friends outside of our family. Most of our time is spent with our families between the years where our brain develops the most. We learn from whoever we spend most of our time with as children. Even though as we get older we start reading articles and watch T. V. our brains don’t develop as much from when we were toddlers. Most children learn spoken language skillls from infancy.

Children are likely to develop important understandings about language with their experience at an early age. The brain develops more between the ages of one to four. During those ages we spend the majority of our time with our families. Toddlers infer a speaker’s communicative intent and use that information to guide their language learning. Living a family in a lower educational level will limit the childs possibility of using large sentences and vocabulary. This is why I think that the time spent with family has a more influence on our language skill.