Exploring Green Technology Essay

Are you concerned about our world? Are you recycling? Are you making changes to help make the world better for future generations? Do you know what green technology is? Did you know that you could be using green technology and not know it? In this paper I will be explaining what green technology is, the effects of green technology, what the goals of green technology are as well as other ways to help the world and try to convince you to do more to help our world and environment to be safer for everyone especially the generations to come.

Green technology is technology which is environmentally friendly, developed and used in a way that it does not disturb our environment and conserve natural resources (www. deepgreenrobot. org). Green technology has been adopted in the last couple of decades. Green is the way to go today. Green technology is sometimes referred to as environmental or clean tech. The future promises to bring bigger and better things in this field. It will be a necessity of the future. Green technology relies on the availability of alternative sources of energy; which the purpose is to reduce global warming and the greenhouse effect.

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The objective is to find ways to create new technologies that do not damage or deplete the earth’s natural resources. By finding alternative ways it will cause less harm to humans, animals and planet life as well as not damaging the world. The environment needs to recover from pollution. With the help of green technology, we can reduce pollution and improve the cleanliness of the world. Today, developed as well as developing counties are turning to green technology to save the environment from negative impacts. The importance of using green technology today is imperative.

We have to stay informed on what is happening around the world. Technology and companies are focused on making luxuries available to all people. The sad part of this is that we as people do not know the harm that these luxuries are doing to the environment. We should not sit around and wait for others do come up with answers to ways to save the environment we can do simple things to help save the environment. If we continue as we are doing the environment will be destroyed and it will lead to problems that cannot be repaired.

Weather at home or in the industry it is apparent that something has to be done about cleaning the environment and saving energy resources. We must realize that green technology is the way to solving this problem. Going green can help this situation get better before it gets worse. Using green technology is less harmful than the more traditional ways that we use. There are products that are being produced that produce less CO2 or that requires less fuel to run them. There are fewer chemicals in cleaning supplies that means that fewer chemicals are being washed down the drains and into water supply.

There are goals that green technology has set to help the world. The goals include:1) meeting the needs of society without damaging or depleting natural resources, 2) meeting the present needs without making compromises; 3) making products that can be reused; 4) changing the patterns of production and consumption; 5) reduce waste as well as pollution; 6) find renewable energy resources , and 7) use sustainable living practices. It is important to develop alternative technologies to prevent any more damage to our health and the environment (www. dosomething. org). As we learn more about alternative ways to help the environment.

What can we do? We can recycle, adopt lifestyle changes, use reusable bags, eat sustainable, drive less and waste less. The above mentioned are examples of sustainable living. Sustainable living is where communities adopt lifestyle changes that make attempts to reduce the destroying of the earth’s natural resources. This community shrinks its carbon footprint by making changes to their lifestyle that is how they use transportation, how they eat, how they use energy for their homes. To live a sustainable life on has to make the changes that I mention a few moments ago.

Now let us look at ways to recycle include recycling of aluminum cans, tins, car parts, motor oil, paper and plastic. If you are not sure that your community has a recycling facility you many need to check with your municipal offices. Most cities have some type of recycling facility or a place that buys your recyclable items. Eighty-seven percent of the United States has some form of paper recycling either by curbside pickup or drop-off places. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, “Thirty-three percent of the municipal solid waste stream is made up of paper and paper products”.

Paper also is the most recovered material. Recycling produces numerous direct and indirect benefits. Some of the benefits are that it conserves resources, prevents emissions of many greenhouse gases and water pollutants, saves energy, supplies valuable raw material to industry, create jobs, stimulates the growth of greener technologies and reduces the need for new landfills and incinerators (www. earth911. com). If you notice on most plastic soda and individual juice bottles you see the words “please recycle”. Some states offer anywhere from five cents to fifteen cents per plastic bottle.

Some state charge you a fee if you buy your sodas or other beverages by the case but when you return the empty cans or bottles to the store you receive your fee back which can amount to as much as two dollars and forty cents per case in some places. Recycling paper benefits the environment just as the recycling of cans benefit us and the environment. Recycling of aluminum reduces the use of bauxite, the mineral from which aluminum is manufactured (Prato, 1998). Now I will discuss the use of reusable bags when you go shopping. We all have seen the bags that you can purchase at the grocery stores and department stores.

Use these or a tote the next time you go shopping or carry your own plastic bags that you got when you last shopped. By using a reusable bag you are helping the environment. Wal-Mart offers recycling of their plastic bags. These bins are located just as you enter the shopping cart area; so the next time you go to Wal-Mart carry a few plastic bags to be recycled. Plastic bags are one of toxins to our environment and it takes years for one bag to deteriorate in a landfill. To eat sustainable means to cook your meals from scratch. Avoid preserved or pre-cooked foods; eat more vegetables.

By buying and eating sustainable you’ll reach the goal of green technology faster and you will be healthier too. By driving less you will be doing yourself and the environment good. Walk or use a bike whenever possible. This cuts down on emission pollution. Don’t waste whenever it is possible. Buy, eat and spend less. Impulse buying makes more waste. Change this habit as soon as possible. Buy only what you need. You may ask what renewable energy is. Renewable energy is energy that comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain and geothermal heat. These are renewable and naturally replenish.

A goal of green technology is to focus on these resources to curb pollution and protect the earth. Wind power is a renewable energy resource. This is usually for commercial use. Running wind turbines are used to produce energy. Charles Brush developed the first wind powered turbine that generated electricity in the United States (www. cnfriendtech. com). Power output depends on the wind and the speed. The turbine increases with an increase in the speed of the wind. Wind turbines are located where the winds are stronger and consistent. They are usually located in high altitude areas and off shore.

The aim of green technology is following renewable energy solution. Another renewable energy resource is solar energy. Solar energy comes from the sun. Solar radiation is one of the most important renewable energy resources in countries that have a lot of sun year round. Some examples of solar energy include solar cooking, hot water and heat for industry purposes. Solar panels have become popular in the past few years. The next renewable energy source is Hydropower. Hydropower is the energy found in water. It can be harnessed and used. Water produces an enormous amount of energy.

Some examples are ocean energy, hydroelectric dams and run of the river hydroelectricity. The final renewable energy resource I will discuss is Biomass. Biomass is plant material that is renewable because it contains energy derived from the sun. When plants are burnt, they liberate the sun’s energy that they contain. This type of energy can last indefinitely as long as biomass is produced. How can we reduce waste? By reducing waste we are promoting a healthy environment and good habits for future generations. We can do our part by recycling and the reuse of commodities.

Pollution is rising and so is the demand for resources. Waste adds carbon dioxide, methane and leaks dangerous materials into the water and soil. There are ways that we can reduce waste. We can reduce paper waste by buying items in bulk because it has less packaging materials. We can also move to an online document to do our banking and bill paying. For food waste compost it and reintroduce it into the environment. We should not buy excessive items that we do not need. Recycling is a process to reduce waste. Green Machines are environmentally friendly machines that are the future and a must have for eco-friendly lifestyles.

Some of the machines that are already being used are: The green computer, hybrid cars and the green washing machine. The green computer came about because earlier computers are hard to recycle and not recycled often. Computers contain a great amount of lead, cadmium, brominate fire retardant and plastic which leads to toxic breakdown. Green computers encourage environmentally sustainable computing. It details the practice of designing, manufacturing, use and disposing of computers where they will not have an impact on the environment.

In the future green computers will be carbon-neutral and will reduce emissions and cut down on the annual electricity cost to run them. Several computer makers have made great progress in recent years to manufacture green computers. Apple Computers, Inc. has made progress to reduce the carbon footprint of their products. They have accomplished this by stating that their designers and engineers have developed smaller, thinner, and lighter products. It reports that the 21. 5 inch iMac is more powerful and has a larger screen than the 15 inch iMac.

It contains fifty percent less material and generates thirty-five percent fewer carbon emissions. Dell has also reduced the carbon emissions from its computers. Dell laptops and desktops were designed to consume up to twenty-five percent less energy in 2010. All Latitude, Precision and Optiplex systems can be configured to Energy Star compliance by its users (www. mnn. com). What is a Green Washing Machine? A green washing machine is a marvelous and environmentally friendly machine. They are a must for eco-friendly lifestyle and they are reasonably priced. Green washing machines reduces the amount of water and power used to do laundry.

They use less water and get clothes cleaner. They also do less damage to the environment; they calculate the amount of water needed by the quantity and type of laundry. This avoids wastage of water; you must use eco-friendly detergents. To reduce the carbon footprint associated with our wardrobe we must make our laundry green. Green Design is a process in which environment attributes, such as waste prevention and better management, are treated as design objectives rather than as constraints. Green design avoids using materials that are toxic to humans and the environment.

They substitute renewable resources for nonrenewable resources, which ensure that nonrenewable resources can be recovered for recycling. (Stix & Lacob 1999). Hybrid Cars have been in use for a decade. It is continuously progressing. There are mild, plug in and full hybrid cars. There has been a consistent debate about hybrids. Is the price and tech worth the praise? They cost much more than an ordinary car. A hybrid is worth buying for the following reasons: it is worth the price because of the cost effective nature, it reduces fuel cost and in the long run it is value for money. It considerably lowers toxic emission for the tailpipe.

It burns no fossil fuels and runs on electricity. It is environmentally friendly because it lowers pollution and conserves fuel which is beneficial for everyone. Green technology is something that I’m very interested in because I care about the world and the resources in it. I was excited to see what all green technology has to offer us to help the environment. I hope that each of you have learned something valuable that will help you to be more eco-friendly. Please recycle and help save our environment for future generations. We must make changes now or there will not be a safe environment for the future.