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???????????????????????????????????» IGN (In Game Name): My current IGN is expediaMy past IGN’s can be viewed below -https://namemc.com/profile/expedia.4» Age: I am currently 13 years old.» Timezone: Since I’m from Wales, I am currently in the GMT timezone.» Do you have telegram?: Yes I do, my telegram is – @Pinc0de» Do you have teamspeak?: I do have teamspeak.» Do you have a good mic?: I believe I do, I currently have the Blue Snowball Microphone.» How many hours will you be online a day? (week-days):Here is my usual schedule (this may vary dependent on what I do in the day)Monday: 2-4 HoursTuesday: 3-5 HoursWednesday: 4-6 HoursThursday: 3-4 HoursFriday: 2-7 Hours» How many hours will you be online a day? (weekend):Saturday: 6-10 HoursSunday: 5-10 Hours» Are you staff on any other servers currently?: I am not staff nor applied for staff on any server.???????????????????????????????????» Why should we pick you as a staff member?: I would love to attend the staff team on the DeltaPvP Network because honestly, I have been playing the server for over a year with different aliases (such as Abaris etc) and overall, I have enjoyed the experience thoroughly. Although I find the staff team could be more active in teamspeak etc, I believe I can spice things up a bit and be a big part of the staff team by being active, responisble, helpful and more. I really enjoy helping people with their problems and solving them, I try my utmost best to attend to peoples questions with knowledge and know the correct way to go with it as I believe my HCF knowledge is quite extensive as I have been playing HCF for over 2 years. I also believe you should pick me up as a staff member because although I’m 13 years old. I believe that although I can sometimes be toxic, if I become staff, I can become very mature as I know what to act like when becoming a staff, because if I’m toxic, obviously it will put a bad reputation on the server and I don’t believe anyone wants that. I always carefully view into situations and usually make the right decision with evidence of such accusation. If you give me a chance to perform this position, I really think I can show you how good I am at such of a role from my extensive knowledge of HCF, matureness, experience etc.???????????????????????????????????» Do you have any previous staff experience? (If yes, on what servers and what ranks):I do indeed, experience is listed below -Server: FrostHCFRole: Moderator+Daily Player Count: 60-80I was staff on Frost for nearly a whole year, if I do recall correctly before resigning due to certain staff members causing riots between themselves. It was at this server that I really learnt the basis of becoming a successful staff member and how to deal with situations. Frost was a great server on SOTW’s and usually made lots of profit from the SOTW’s. It really brang me into the staffing on HCF servers. I have great gratitude to what I achieved on the server and believe I can fulfill my knowledge from Frost onto Delta.Server: FatalityHCFRole: ModeratorDaily player count: 100-150I was a Moderator on Fatality for around 2 months, this was where sadly closed down due to the lack of funds and the server dying out because of such unfortunate occurrences. I really enjoyed actually setting up the server with all the staff and building for Fatality, I also learnt the basics on how to screenshare here and enjoyed screensharing players and most of the time, the screensharing was successful and I found cheats in the players Minecraft.Server:ParaPvPRole: HelperDaily player count: 600-1000I was Helper on ParaPvP for around 1 week before it actually ended. As lots of people know, Para unfortunately shut down due to inside problems which I am not allowed to talk about for obvious reasons. Once again, at Para I learnt how to deal with certain situations and what they we’re called etc. I did do some screenshares on ParaPvP but never actually got the ‘ScreenShare Verified’ rank in the Teamspeak but still, I did a good job of screensharing when I had the opportunity to. If Para ever comes back (which is unlikely) I probably will be reapplying on there.???????????????????????????????????» Have you ever been punished on our network?: Yes, I have. I have had 1 ban for 6 hours which was where I exceeded 4 warnings. But yes I suppose I have.???????????????????????????????????» What attributes would you bring to the staff team?: I believe that these certain attributes below really define what I can bring to the team.Maturity – Maturity is honestly a really important key factor in becoming staff. If you not mature, then how can you handle situations seriously?, I will always ensure I am the maturest I can be if I become a staff on DeltaPvP.Communication – Being able to communicate with players correctly is another key aspect of becoming a staff member on the network, Its essential to communicate properly with not only the staff members, but the players also. Me, myself is very good at communicating.Honesty – Honesty is vital to becoming a staff member on a decent server. I will always be honest, towards players, staff and pretty much anybody. Its one of those things which I’ve always had in myself. If your not honest, then how can you explain yourself if your not being honest about a situation?Trust – Me being myself, is quite trustful. I’ve always been trustful with things, no matter how big or small it is. If I will be receiving my rank, I will be very trustful about having such rank and always will chose the appropriate action.Activity – I am probably going to be one of the most active people you will meet, I have always been that way. When I think I should dedicate myself to a server, trust me I will. I am always active as shown in my schedule. So yes, activity is vital in becoming a staff member.Dedication – I am always dedicated in what I’m doing, no matter if its a school project or a minecraft server. I’m always dedicated to whatever it is and put myself into it to get the best result / outcome out of it. I believe that if I become a staff member on Delta, I will be always dedicated to the server and put all my spare time / time towards it.Screensharing – I have got knowledge on screensharing, I can find Cracked Vape, Spook, Leaked Spook, Version Clients, Autoclickers, Macros etc. So you can always count on me to screenshare a player.Cooperation – I myself, am quite a cooperative guy. I will always cooperate with staff members / players no matter what. I always make sure I fully understand the situation that occurs and do the right decision. I can understand other peoples views etc. This is an essential quality to have.???????????????????????????????????» Additional information: Hey there! My name is Oliver. I am currently 13 years old and in Year 9 / Grade 8! I am currently a Builder for the server and build lots on the server, some examples can be found on the 5-mans / 10-mans server. I am currently interested in mechanics and engineering. I enjoy sports such as Football and Rugby and also enjoy playing video games such as minecraft.???????????????????????????????????Word Count :Words – 1302Characters = 7279Tool used – https://charactercounttool.com/???????????????????????????????????