Exotic Flavored Cigarettes Essay

Exotic Smokes Cigarette Company

In today’s market of flavored cigarettes there is a negative perception by consumers. Consumers feel that our young generation are being targeted towards these flavorful cigarettes and are drawing teenagers to smoke. “Flavors can mask the harshness and taste of tobacco, making flavored-tobacco products appealing to youth,” says the 2011 National Youth Tobacco Survey. There is always going to be a negative market towards cigarettes or flavored cigarettes. But, even though there has been a halt on marketing flavored cigarettes due to consumers being scared of teenagers smoking. The percent of teenagers smoking still remains the same as compared to flavor cigarettes and regular cigarettes.

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The market needs to know that the majority use of flavored cigarettes such as menthol is due to its minty flavor, aroma, and cooling characteristics. There is going to be a marketing strategy of interviews that will need to explain consumer behaviors on the target market at hand. Surveys will need to be done face to face and also have the survey takers that are smokers compare the flavor cigarettes to the regular cigarettes. This will help on finding out what the smoking consumer prefers. There will be a survey of 50,000 target smokers and non-smokers who will be willing to try the flavor and non-flavored cigarettes. There will be a cost of about $15 per survey completion. This will cover wage for employee and materials. Employees will get paid for completed survey turned in.

The data from the survey will be obtained from local malls, military bases, universities and colleges. These survey locations will be an advantage towards our survey. Since the age market of 18-25 year olds are at these locations. This cost will be free since there is no charge to recruit or survey at these locations. Questionnaire developed will need to contain information that will help market flavored cigarettes. We will be looking at gender description of male or female. There will need to be an age category of 18-25 and older. They will be asked if they are smokers. And if they are, do they like or tried flavored cigarettes. The open ended questions will consist of; do you have a favorite brand of cigarettes? If so, why do you like that brand better? Closed ended questions, Have you ever smoked flavored cigarettes or cigars? What flavor do you like? Do flavor names attract you to buying flavored cigarettes? There will need to be screener questions that interviewers will ask surveyors. Hello, I need a couple of minutes of your time today. I am conducting a research survey on the development of a new flavored cigarette. All I need to do is ask you a couple of questions so that we can categorize your answers on our survey. After we are done you will receive a complementary pack of flavored cigarettes.