Exercise Is Important Essay

For too long now the health of our countries teenagers has been in server decline. Research this week from the University of York showed that 29% of the countries younger generation are obese and a breath taking 12% of under sixteens are suffering from a heart related illness as a consequence of their weight. Are you one of them? Are you one of the the teenagers who goes home after school each day and scoffs your face full of fatty foods? Are you one of the teenagers who say you’re in love with football but never actually play it: instead choosing to use a games console?

Are you one of the teenagers who has nightmares about performing even the smallest amount of exercise? Well not to worry! This article aims to make you see the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. I bet some of you are sitting their now, chocolate bar in hand, thinking: “there’s no way on Earth I need to do exercise, so what if I’m a little bit overweight? “. Well you’re wrong. The rate of obesity is on the rise and continues to: unless something is done about it.

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Obesity may just be a name to you: a label to the fatties who wonder around the canteen, shaking the foundations as they move with the sheer size of their body. Well let me tell you: for the people who have obesity it’s far more serious than a few fun and games at the lunch hall. Obesity is a disease that causes great strain on the heart and as a result: suffers put their life at risk eveyday. Regular exercise will reduce your chances of getting the deadly disease and also lower the effects and help you to recover if you already have it.

It’s simple: exercise saves lives! How fun are activities? A way of using the complexity of your mind in an articulate way: activities. How fun are they? There are many different activities that many people enjoy: reading, writing, playing a computer game, and many more! These are abundant activities that many people leap into, especially at an older age. Another activity, however, that people do is sports; it is a fun way of living a good life. it is important for teenagers to take part in sport.

It may not seem alluring at first, or even a way of living happily in your life. Even I agree that nobody wants sweat dripping of their body leaving you draped in embarrassment. Yes, obesity is what will happen to the young adults that don’t see the healthy side to it. Many teenagers, at this very moment in time, are dissolved in a deceptive delusion that it won’t benefit them in the future. What about this: up to forty three percent of the world’s population have suffered in obesity.