Executive whenever they seek for help we


vital role of our business is to provide the aviation world with the current
job seekers. There is no such company who focuses on just aviation industry.
Many recruiting agencies are working there, thus making competition for us but
we are unique in a way that we are targeting personnel just from aviation. We
have limited numbers of clients and all are from the aviation industry. This
includes: Airlines, Ground Handling Agency, Walton Airport, Alamah Iqbal
International Airport, Travel Agencies, Aviation Educational Institutes, Civil
Aviation Administration and Corporate Aviation. People from different aspects
can apply for all these clients and whoever will be suitable we will connect
them to their desired position. The services we provide will help people
especially related to aviation find job easily. People don’t have to go to
airport without any knowledge of where to go and who to ask for help instead
drop their CV’s and wait till we recommend them to the airline.

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vision is to provide ease for the people who are looking for the jobs by being
a suitable and friendly Human Resource Management. This can help in building
good relationships with our clients and customers and whenever they seek for
help we will provide them in better way. We operate in recruiting business and
are looking forward for helping people who are seeking jobs and even for those
already employed in helping them promote and switch them to better positions. There
are many recruiting agencies in the world but in Pakistan there are very few
agencies that connect to aviation and we will be satisfied to build this bridge
with the aviation industry only. Other agencies handle all other occupations
and professional but our business deals with only aviation industry making it
unique. At first there will be no competition because only we will be operating
in the market for aviation but with time competition may arise.

is a huge market for recruitment agency specifically when focusing on one
industry which we are going to do. We will be focusing only on aviation
industry. The market is already big and will get bigger with time. Similarly
the job seekers related to this field are also being produced by many
institutions mainly in this city. However the vacancies are not enough to meet
the market but there are vacancies always available in this field and many job
seekers looking for it. On the other hand, employers are also demanding for the
best suitable person for the job. We will become a platform where any job seeker
like a fresh graduate, student, unemployed but qualified for aviation, teachers,
trainers, professionally qualified personnel, etc can look for the vacancy of
their concerned job. On the other hand by having a contract with our clients,
we will also offer the HR services and will ensure the best selection for their

As a team, we are sure we will be
successful as we all are highly devoted and determined towards our work. Our
entrepreneurial team might not have much experience in recruitment but we have
done our graduation in BS Aviation Management. This degree includes the
detailed study of all aspects of whole Aviation Industry and Management
study.  We are specialized in our focused
industry as well as in marketing, management and human resource.