EXECUTIVE website does not get manipulation from


purpose of this blogging site is to help and guide new and existing
international students in Thompson Rivers University at Kamloops, to find
information about, accommodation, transportation, part time jobs, transfer credit
to other universities/colleges, buying used/new books, registering for the classes
and visiting places. An online survey about online marketing was conducted to
determine how companies are working on their websites. The survey indicated
that online sales are have increased since 2017 and many retailers are looking
on how to create traffic on their websites so that they can get more customersĀ (Ward, 2017).The report concludes
that there is a need to create a website and feed it with information so that
international students may not get stuck
once they come in Canada to pursue various objectives such as education, work
and visits. The website will be working closely with different firms in the
country so that products and services can be advertised with the latest
information in relation to features and other functionalities. Firms who are
not in a position to undertake marketing effectively will also be catered for
as they may choose to advertise via the new website which will be incorporated
with different search engines such as Google, Bing
and Ask. Locate international website will be administered by a group of
information technology experts to ensure that all information posted on the
website does not get manipulation from hackers and other cybercriminals. To build traffic on the website
it is recommended that support system to run for 24hrs so that clients can get
on time responses to their questions.

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international students find it difficult
when they get in Canada because they
cannot access services easily. Not even students but also citizens of other
country need information about places, products and service, accommodation and
other recreational centers located in the country. Many online platforms give customers
information about products and services, but
they fail to give details about visiting sites, navigations and places of help
when customers make their way to foreign countries. Close to three billion
people in the world have access to the internet, and this is a clear indication that navigation from one country to
another has increased and travel information is crucial so that transactions
can be executed on timeĀ (Ward, 2017).The number of
international students seeking opportunities in the country is increasing, and the website will comprise information about colleges and universities, programs
offered and physical locations. International travel requires guidelines about
navigation and experiences on the destination and thus why travel,
accommodation and meals information posted on the website will save many
international students from difficult