Executive Table of Contents. 3 Introduction. 4


Your Skin (CYS) is an organic handmade soap and lotion products business; it
was created by two biotech students from a local university and is deemed to be
one of the best upcoming business’s in the skin care industry. This is report
intends to analyse the business and its market in depth using various business
analysis concepts and comparatives between other businesses and markets.

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of Contents

Executive summary. 2
Table of Contents. 3
Introduction. 4
Evaluation of the
business. 4
Background. 4
Business Model
and Environment 4
Value Proposition. 5
SWOT Analysis. 6
Porters 5 Forces
Analysis 7
Competition in the Industry. 7
Potential of New Entrants into an Industry. 7
Power of Suppliers 7
Power of Customers. 7
Threat of Substitutes. 7
Care Your skin –
Excel Sheet analysis. 8
Table 1. 8
Online Website
proposal 10
References. 14






























organic skin care market size was esteemed at USD 3,004.0 million in 2014.
Rising demand for organic body lotions, sunscreens, and face creams is relied
upon to affect positively to the
sector over a forecast period till 2022. Administrative endorsement from
bodies’ including the EU, FDA, and USDA for external product use is required to fuel development
throughout the following four years.

attentiveness with regards to advantages of organic items over its synthetic counterparts is relied
upon to positively affect demand over the forecasted time period. Rising
R&D expenditure by key organizations to create enhanced animal and plant
removes into various organic items is relied upon to impel market development
throughout the following years.



of the business



Skin Care Industry has been an ever booming market since its foundation. Many
societies started accepting that such products exist in the early 60s since
many women started wearing makeup and other beauty products to cover minor

then, now there is a surge in the trading activity through an e-commerce
platform is developing rapidly as one of the key variables advancing the market
development by virtue of its extensive variety of items. The online division is
advancing as a key platform utilized by customers to access items that are
generally out of reach by means of retail outlets and shopping centers,
overwhelmingly in developing nations within South East Asia.



Model and Environment

CYS, advancement has dependably been supported by a consistent exchange amongst
science and promoting. It is established on always exact logical information of
skin types and ingredients that can be utilized to create products, but more
importantly it depends on mindful tuning in to targeted customers and on the
perception of their conduct where excellence is concerned. A genuine wellspring
of motivation, the colossal assorted variety of excellence ceremonies open up
new fields of investigation.




















When purchasing skin care products customers
don’t always look at what is the cheaper option or what smells better or what
looks better, whilst all these are important factors that contribute to the
consumers purchasing decision the most important factor that they consider is
“is this product compatible with my skin? And if so has it worked on others?”.
Identifying these important questions makes it easy to understand why the
service and product offered by Care Your Skin will be chosen over other organic
hand-made soaps and lotions; and that is due to the fact we specialize in 3
different types of skin scenarios (dry, sensitive and skins with eczema) for
the past 10 years and our products have proven effective to all our customers.
That is how customers that simply wanted to experiment with our products
eventually became long running regulars.


“The beauty business is market driven, so
marketing drives our company,” says Ralph Folkes, assistant vice president
of corporate transportation, L’Oréal USA, based in New York City. It is
important to realize that despite change in geography in the beauty market all
products are driven due to the style of marketing its introduced by. Care Your
Skin is an organic handmade product business and “organic and handmade” is the value
that the two biotech students want to deliver to the consumers.


It is common knowledge that most companies
provide machine-produced/synthetic beauty products in order to capture a larger
market share as their volume of output would be of massive magnitude, resulting
in the act of producing organic or hand-made products be deemed inefficient.
However, what is missed out is that in the hand-making process the preciseness
of ingredients added and the addition of human understanding will lead to a
product best suited to the customer than the machine made process. To top that
the organic ingredients used to make the final product creates a safe haven for
customers to experiment with our products which is the service and message we
believe to bring forward to our customers.


It is important to note that all products brought
to the market by CYS are unique in smell, look and feel while also maintaining
a completely organic and chemical free standard. These products have been
tested and accepted by the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau. Furthermore,
our products have been used nation-wide by customers making us very credible
for a shop initiated by two university students, this further improves as a
known celebrity’s son was helped with a skin disease he was facing due to the
use of our products.


Two of our most direct competitors are Soap Lab
Malaysia and Ameryllis soap, they specialize in organic hand-made soap and
other skin care products. Soap lab is an online store that provides recipes and
ingredients for customers to make their own organic soap with the intention of
providing the capability of consuming a product that best fits their need. The
reason CYS’s products would be more appealing to customers is because we have
been specializing in dry/sensitive skins and skins that suffer from Eczema for
over 10 years and we have proven time after time and our products are
effective. Despite the customer believing in creating a product that best fits
their needs it cannot be compared to the skills of a practicing veteran’s
ability to recognize the core of the problems that lies within your skin and
identify the most efficient method of solving it without any added damage.
Ameryllis soap on the other hand is running on a very similar business ideology
as CSY however lacking the specialization, guarantee and mostly the price
efficiency that CYS is providing to its customers it makes it almost a monopoly
in the eczema/dry/sensitive skin segment of the skin care market as there isn’t
any option for a customer to reach out for a better alternative. CYS has
reached this level of business in the market by providing utmost expertise at a
justifiable price with all intentions to cater to each and every need and
desire of our customer. Happy Skin Happy Life is not just another slogan but
that is our business ideology that helps us become better at the organic
hand-made skin care market.











the following section the report will conduct a strategic planning process by
identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that may exist
in the CYS business situation. This will provide important information on what
the business must capitalize on and what actions or situations to let go of in
order to become successful both in the short and long run.



Unique products in terms of
look, smell and feel.
Over 10 years of
specialization in dry/sensitive/eczema skins.
Long term loyal customers
Capability to offer at
affordable prices.

Only one workshop therefore there’s
a cap on the rate of production.
Products are hand-made which
results in time consumption.
Majority of the
concentration for product development is on products for dry skin, sensitive
skin and skin which has eczema problem.

Orders from outside Malaysia
will give the chance to export products and expand the business
The start of a website can
open new opportunities for better sales and publicity.
Venturing into developing
cosmetic products such as lipsticks for dry lips and foundation for dry
and/or sensitive skin can lead to capturing a difference segment of the
market share.

Only organic ingredients are
used therefore in the long run there could be limitations on the volume of
output as natural resources are being consumed at an alarming rate. 
A lot of entrepreneurs can
easily emerge into the hand-made soap/lotions market as it can be conducted
as a stay at home business.















Porters 5 Forces

Competition in the Industry

It is important to the understand the competition
and their ability to the threaten the existence of CYS in the skin care
products market. In Malaysia there is a large number of skin care product
manufacturers however only a handful of them specialize in the hand-made
organic product segment. As CYS is currently focusing mostly on the
dry/sensitive skins and skins that have been affected by Ecezma, it is safe to
state that the specialized segment is very specific for competitors to cause a
massive threat. However, it is advisable that with the current expansion plans
in place that CYS pay more attention to the marketing strategies of its
competitors and be able to market the products by CYS in a similar method. As
competition in this specific segment is low CYS is free to experiment with
different methods, on the other hand since it’s a trend setter that customers
prefer organic or chemical free products it is safe for CYS to continue in the
investment of their R&D department to ensure that their products are unique
and remain to be effective.

Potential of New Entrants into an Industry

Whilst it is important to pay attention to the
current competition, CYS’s power in the market can be affected by the force of
new entrants into its market. As the skin care market is very volatile for new
entrants and customers are always looking forward to the next new product that
is made with better recipes or technology; or for a product that proves to be
more effective than the ones currently in the market it’s important to pay note
to the lenience of entering the hand-made beauty products market. Many female
entrepreneurs start up a home-based handmade product business as it is of
utmost convenience to them and since the start-up cost would only consist of
raw materials it is comparatively to other markets very easy to enter. However,
since the legitimacy of beauty products are always based on their credibility
it will take time for any new entrant to make its mark in the market.

Power of Suppliers

It is very easy for suppliers to drive up the
price of raw materials which will directly relate to the final price of the
products. As CYS requires organic materials or raw materials from a natural
source it is important to understand that most natural resources are going
extinct which might lead to a gradual increase in the price of raw materials
for CYS. Therefore, it is advisable for CYS to achieve high economies of scale
through the buying of raw materials in large magnitudes. The problem arises
that most organic materials should be used before they rot or turn bad and
therefore there will be natural barriers to achieve economies of scale.

Power of Customers

As much as other business that offer similar
services/products can affect a business, customers can also affect business
activity as they have the ability to affect the pricing of products. In the
skin care market price isn’t always a massive factor that contributes towards
the purchase decision as customers always look for the better product in terms
of quality and effectiveness. However, as CYS is in the hand-made products
segment it can be understood that customers wouldn’t simply change from brand
to brand as they would always prefer to stick with a product that has proved to
be effective time after time. Therefore, there isn’t much of a threat but with
the rise of start-ups in this specific segment in the long run CYS might face
threats unless they continue to produce at a constant level of quality that can
satisfy their customers. 

Threat of Substitutes

Competitor substitutes can be easily used in place
of CYS’s products however the need for an alternative is made redundant by the
ability that CYS comprises of to ensure that the customer is highly satisfied
of their product by paying attention to the preciseness of the product and its
ability to cater exactly to the customers’ needs. In addition to that if the
customer isn’t satisfied with one of the types products offered by CYS they can
easily experiment with other products as all of them are organic and chemical
free. Therefore, there is no reason to hesitate due to the existence of any
side effects. In conclusion it’s safe to say that CYS only experiences a mild
threat of substitutes specially understanding that all these services are
provided at an extremely affordable price.