Everyone to join to keep it alive.She

Everyone wants to live their high school life more interactively to make many good memories.This high school student motto and rose-colored lifestyle never interested me I never understood it.I don’t want to waste precious time and energy on relationships,sports or some other activities.Instead I want to live my highschool life as “energy efficient” as possible which means to spend my highschool life as plain as possible.I not like I’m against any of the above but “energy efficient” is just what I have been and what I will always be.My life motto has always been”If I don’t have to do it I won’t,but if I have to do it,make it quick.”But recently I decided to join a club,more accurately the classics literature club not because I want to but at the request from my elder sister in a letter she wrote from somewhere in india.Apparently there aren’t any member so the club is facing termination she wants me to join to keep it alive.She tends hurt alot when I don’t do things she ask for making it an offer I can’t refuse.Well I guess she’s right when she says I don’t have anything better to do,but there aren’t any other members meaning I get the club room all to myself.As I walk down the hallways to get the keys to my club room,I noticed the track and fields club practicing agian.To those who expend great amount of energy in their lives,I salute you. People tend to get the wrong idea about me,I don’t think that a life of energy conservation is serperior,I don’t look down on those willing to expend energy I’m just true to my own motto If I don’t have to do it I won’t,but if I have to do it,make it quick. I sign my name on then outguide card  get my keys and walk up to the classic lit room I passed a janitor and a bunch of photography club students.As I try opening the door it locked me out so I took out my keys and unlocked it.As I walk in and close the door behind me I noticed a girl probably around my age with long black hair staring outside a window.As I walked slowly towards her she turned around revealing amethyst like eyes that sparkle in contrast of her pale skin.For a awkward moment we stared at each other confused.Then she said”Good afternoon Jellal ,you’re in the classics club too?”I stuttered having no idea who she is.She explained”You don’t remember me?I’m Ela,Ela bosak.””You’re Jellal Fernandez right? From class 1-B?””I’m from class 1-A”The only class that class A and B have is music and we’ve only had it once,how good is this girl’s memory?