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Every mother has the right to make an informed
choice on how to feed her baby. However, breastfeeding is a lot more beneficial
that formula and the mother should be made aware of this.  Breastfeeding provides the nutrients required
to improve baby’s health and cognitive and physical development. For the first
six months of an infant’s life, breastfeeding should be exclusive. If given the
appropriate support, advice and encouragement, every mother should be able to
breastfeed their child. According to Unicef (2017 pg.1) despite all the
potential benefits breastfeeding carry’s, only about two fifths of infants 0-5
months of age worldwide are exclusively breastfed.  A great way to encourage mothers to breastfeed
is to prepare them for it from the start of their pregnancy. Some mothers are
unaware of the great health benefits for mother and baby that comes from
breastfeeding so educating mothers and families on the advantages of exclusive
breastfeeding for six months is crucial. Ensuring that all healthcare workers
provide families with the knowledge, support and skills to make a decision on
breastfeeding is a great way to promote it. 

Breastfeeding is hard both emotionally and
physically. It is proven that it is the best nutritional choice for infants,
but for many the decision to breastfeed or formula feed is based on their
comfort level, lifestyle, and specific medical situations. Whatever the mother
chooses, healthcare professionals should respect and support the mother in her
choice. Breastfeeding isn’t always easy and for some mothers it can be an
emotional and frustrating time. A mother may experience pain and discomfort and
it is important that healthcare workers give them instruction and assistance.
However if the mother is still feeling unwell she should not be pushed to
continue or judged for switching to formula feeding.  A factor that could influence a mother’s
choice to breastfeed is the people around her. If there are more mothers in her
community formula feeding it is very likely that she will choose that option
too. The decision to breastfeed of formula feed is a personal one and
healthcare professionals should not push their views of breastfeeding upon any
women. They should support the women A healthcare worker should have an open minded
attitude while dealing with mothers who are influenced by their community but
should understand that these women may feel uncomfortable physically to start

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