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Every day when we wake up before anything else we scroll down social media and then start our day.Social Media has become a huge part of our life. It was made for a good use in our life, but the amount of daily usage is a negative impact on us. Social media is the best way to get connected with friends, family and know what’s going on the world with in second. But this is a silent killer who has very bad impact on our life. In Fact, social media is a very important part of our life and we are unable to recognize the life and also, unable to understand that how this habit paralyze us socially and mentally.. According to the ” does personal Social media usage affect efficiency and well- being?” Professor of Stoney Brooks states that ” personal social media usage leads to negative effects, both on efficiency and well being.” It has a huge impact on personal life, especially in the education field. Because instead of education our first priority is social media in school time and also during homework. Around the world more than one billion people are active on Facebook, more than a hundred million people use Instagram every month, and one hundred fifty million people are using Snapchat daily. As social media expands it affects education in a negative way.       Education is really important to live the stable life in 21 centuries and in the future. It is fact that without studying and focusing we are unable to succeed in education field. It is possible if we are mentally and physically appearance during school and colleges, because students get a lot of assignments during the semester. So if they skip class, or they don’t focus in class it will be very difficult for them to pass the class. As a result, the role of social media is playing in students daily life is affecting their grades.  According to Phys. Org  states that “They use 26 states of 674 graduate  and undergraduate students those are between 18 and 22 years old and they found that Forty-one percent of respondents said that they spent up to 10% of their classroom time using digital devices for non-educational purposes, and another 20% reported spending between 11% and 20% of class time on their devices. Only 3% said they do not use a device during class for non-class-related activities on a typical day.” This shows that during the class time most people are on social media so that’s the way how social media is distracting students from focusing in class which leads to failing the class because they miss a lot of information in class because of their attention are in social media . It is impossible to pay attention while using social media. Social media can also affect job field.  When students done with their education and start  looking for Job Then they have to face a  lot because of the social media . In the early age they are unaware of the effects of the  usage of social media so they can use the social media so often without recognize the danger of it. But when they face the reality then they realized that how much social media is involved in their future life also, how that impact on every days life. Then it is too late to handle the situation. As a result, they  have to pay for their mistake that they did during the early age by using social media in public and private life. According to ” social media may cost the job Employers read posts” by NY times, author states the survey that ” more than 2,300 hiring managers conducted for CareerBuilder by Harris poll between Feb. 6 and March 19, 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates before hiring……..some 3 out of 10 actually have someone dedicated to task” that shows no matter how intelligent we are. If our social media image is not good we are unable to get the job. Basically now sosial media get decided our intelligence and personality.Basically, it is huge distraction that distract our whole life. Everyone knows the danger of social media but unable to accept tha