Ethical Filter Worksheet Essay


Personal Source

Justify the Value’s Position in the List. Include any challenges to employing these values consistently when making personal and organizational decisions.


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As I was growing up, my parents have always taught me to adopt high moral principles and adhere to them at all times regardless of the consequences. My father always told me to safeguard the honor and integrity of our family.

The steadfastness to adhere to one’s moral principles and set of professional conduct is what sets men apart from boys. Integrity refers to man’s faithful commitment to what is right and legal – a trait which every police personnel is expected to possess.
Persistence on the part of my parents to instill in me the church teachings about honesty has turned me into a complete person. Candor sometimes hurts. Nevertheless, it has always been the strongest foundation for relationships.
At a time when police credibility is suffering from the abusive and corrupt practices being committed by some rogue police officers, honesty is one of the traits that could yet redeem the police profession.
Justice and fairness
Justice and fairness – these terms mean only one thing – that all of us should be reasonable when treating others. Decisions should always be made with the interest of the affected parties in mind, not the personal interest of the person making the decision. Because my parents always applied these principles in dealing with us, their children, each one of us grew up to be a sensible and judicious person.
Police personnel are tasked to enforce the law. This authority has often tempted them not only to enrich themselves but also to subject others to abuse, humiliation, and discrimination. This has prompted scholars on police matters to demand professionalism among police personnel. Justice and fairness are traits that would allow them to correctly respond to ethical dilemmas.
Proficiency in work
My siblings and I have been brought up to always aspire for proficiency in everything we do. My parents told us time and time again that a work half done is worse than a work undone. This teaching has inspired me to take everything seriously: beginning with my personal habits to my educational and professional undertakings.
Police work directly and indirectly concerns human lives. More often than not, the lives of innocent civilians depend on the skill and expertise of police officers in doing their jobs. It is therefore a must that police organizations should be composed only of well-trained and properly educated officers and men. Proficiency should be required of every police officer.


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